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7 Perfect Tips How to Make Iced Tea with Tea Bags

Since its invention in 1904 by Richard Blechynden, iced tea has been an American staple. It’s a popular drink that many people enjoy in coffee and tea shops.

While many people are willing to pay high prices in restaurants for iced tea, it’s possible to prepare this beverage at home and enjoy it at a low cost.

Whether you like drinking tea in the morning or evening, learning how to make iced tea with tea bags can be a life-saving skill.

It can save you a lot of time and money as you won’t have to walk down to coffee shops to have an energizing drink on a hot day.

Iced tea also has a refreshing taste and makes a special drink for a hot summer day. You’ll always thank yourself for learning how to prepare this beverage!

If you want to learn how to make iced tea with tea bags, here are 7 perfect tips that can help you make a stronger batch of delicious iced tea.

How to Make Iced Tea with Tea Bags

Perfect tips how to make iced tea with tea bags

1. Choose the High-Quality Tea Bags

If you want to make great-tasting iced tea, you need to be picky about your tea. Go for only high-quality tea bags to make perfect iced tea.

There are some tea bags with tea that is blended specifically for iced tea. These tea bags come with orange pekoe black tea, which is the best for a classic iced tea.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try other types of tea. It’s still good to buy the type of tea that suits your personal preferences, provided it can yield a stronger flavor.

It’s also important to choose tea bags made of high-quality and reliable material. Poor-quality material of a tea bag can interfere with the taste and flavor of your iced tea.

Along with the material used, it’s crucial to consider the shape of the tea bags you are using. Some shapes deliver better results than others.

In this case, flat and pyramid-shaped tea bags offer the best performance, leading to richer and full flavors.

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2.  Use Soft or Filtered Water

When making iced tea with tea bags, it’s essential to pay attention to the type of water you use as it can affect the overall results.

Water is very important in tea brewing as it takes a more significant percentage of the drink. So, if you use tap water, which is often hard and unfiltered, there are higher chances that your tea won’t taste better.

Hard water has minerals that can cause the tea components like tannins and oil to separate and make the tea appear cloudy.

When you add ice to tea made with hard water, it will form a cloudy layer on top or even separate the flavorings in the drink.

The best thing to do is ensure that you use only clean, filtered water. It will make the final infusion taste better to reveal the tea’s aromas and flavor.

Additionally, you should not overlook the quality of ice cubes you are using to serve your drink. Keep in mind that poor-quality ice can easily ruin a delicious brew.

Some ice cube trays make poor-quality ice cubes, especially when not cleaned often. Be sure to wash your ice cube trays often for better-quality, smooth, and strong ice cubes.

3.  Make Fruit-Infused Iced Tea with Tea Bags


Iced tea tastes great when mixed with fruity flavorings such as raspberry, peach, cherry, strawberry, or passion fruit.

To make fruit-infused iced tea, you can use fresh fruit or fruity syrup. In this case, fresh fruit will offer better results than fruit-infused syrup.

However, a fruit-infused syrup is still a great option if you don’t have access to fresh fruits and want your iced tea to taste great.

What’s interesting about fruit-infused iced tea is that you can make it with different types of fruits to discover new flavors.

Here is how to make a fruity iced tea:

  • 1Pour your clean, fresh water in a kettle or saucepan and bring it to a boil.
  • Remove the water from heat and put your tea bags in it (2 tea bags for each cup of water). Then let tea steep for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Once you finish steeping, allow the tea to cool for about 10 minutes until it reaches room temperature. Then add two more cups of cold water.
  • Stir the tea and refrigerate for about 2 to 3 hours.
  • Sweeten the tea with a half cup of white sugar. Then cut a few pieces of fruits you want to use. If you are working with syrup, use about five tablespoons.
  • Stir the tea well to combine it with the fruits. Serve the drink in a glass filled halfway with ice cubes and garnish with a sprig of mint or cinnamon powder.

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4. Make Vanilla Ice Tea with Tea Bags

Are you the kind of a tea lover who prefers creamy iced drinks? Vanilla iced tea is for you. It offers a perfectly amazing strong tea drinking experience.

You can easily make this type of iced tea at home using tea bags with Earl Grey Cream Tea. This tea is a mixture of black tea and French vanilla-infused with bergamot orange.

It results in a smooth, sweet, and robust drink with rich flavors and aromas. Here is how to make it:

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  • Heat about 4 cups of water on the stove and remove it from heat once boiled.
  • Add four vanilla-flavored tea bags and leave them to steep for two minutes.
  • Transfer the tea into a glass pitcher and allow it to cool for about two hours.
  • Squeeze one lemon into the tea to add lemon flavor. You can also use one tablespoon of lemon juice as an alternative.
  • Sweeten the tea with one tablespoon of simple syrup or any other preferred sweetener. However, if you want to use sugar, you’ll need to add it before the tea cools to dissolve and disperse evenly.
  • Serve the tea over ice cubes and a spoon of vanilla cream in tea glasses.

5.  Watch the Steeping Time

steeping of tea bags

When making iced tea with tea bags, it’s essential to check your package instructions and see the recommended steeping time.

Generally, most black tea bags steep for about 2 to 5 minutes to produce a flavorful iced tea.

The water temperature also determines how long you should steep your tea bags as cold water requires more steeping time.

When steeping tea bags in hot water, the process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Beyond that, you’ll ruin the drink as some delicate flavors will be lost, leaving you with overly bitter tea.

Moreover, you shouldn’t put the tea bags into boiling water as this will also lead to bitter tea.

When making cold brew iced tea, you steep the tea bags in cold water, which usually takes about 8 to 12 hours.

Steeping your tea bags in cold water for less than eight hours will result in weak tea with less flavors due to under extraction.

Similarly, you may end up with bitter tea if you steep your tea bags in cold water for more than 12 hours.

6. Don’t Store Your Tea in a Plastic Container

Did you know that plastic containers can absorb and release flavors to your tea? Well, this is real, and you can end up drinking tea with plastic and some other disgusting taste.

Moreover, tea can easily pick up flavors and smells from the surrounding, and so you will want to store it in a closed container. The best way to steep or store tea is by using a sealed glass container.

But before you pour your tea into the glass container, make sure that the container is clean and smell-free to avoid ruining your drink.

You shouldn’t also use a metallic container as it will give your tea a metallic taste.

When storing your tea in the refrigerator, it’s important to ensure that it’s cooled to room temperature but not warm. Otherwise, you’ll end up with cloudy tea.

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7.  Make Cold Brew Iced Tea with Tea Bags

For most tea lovers, cold brew makes the delicious iced as there are no bitter or tannic flavors.

So, can you put a tea bag in cold water and still get the best results? The answer is yes, but you will have to wait for up to 12 hours.

Cold brew tea is a great deal as it remains fresh-tasting for many days compared to hot brew iced tea.

Here is how to make cold brew iced tea with tea bags:

  • Place about eight tea bags in the bottom of a glass container or teapot. The tea bags should have your preferred type of tea. It can be green tea, black tea, or flavored tea bags.
  • Pour 8 cups of room temperature or cold water in the glass container over the tea bags. Then stir gently to ensure that all the tea bags are well-soaked in the water.
  • Cover the container with its lid and place the tea in the refrigerator to steep for about 8 to 12 hours. You can also leave it to steep at room temperature on the countertop.
  • After 12 hours have passed, remove the tea bags and discard them.
  • Serve the tea over ice cubes in tea glasses with lemon-fresh. You can add sweeteners of your choice, including honey or sweetened condensed milk.
  • Store the remaining tea in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Why Use Tea Bags When Making Iced Tea?

use teabags when making iced tea

Tea bags are small porous pouches filled with loose dried tea leaves infused in boiling or hot water to make tea. They come with different types of tea from various brands.

While most tea masters prefer using loose leaves when steeping tea, there are many benefits of making iced tea with tea bags. They include:

Convenience: Tea bags are the most convenient way to make coffee within a few minutes and with less or no mess. You just have to ensure that you buy high-quality teabags with your favorite type of tea leaves.

  • Simplicity: It’s easy to put a tea bag into a cup of hot water or teapot with boiled brew your tea effortlessly. You won’t need extra dishes or equipment. Tea fanatics who appreciate simplicity and convenience often use tea bags when steeping tea.
  • No Straining: Once you finish steeping the tea, you just have to remove the teabag and toss it into the bin or compost pile. You don’t have to worry about strainers or infusers to separate the tea leaves from the tea.
  • Faster Brewing: Tea bags are perfect for iced tea as preparing this type of tea can be a lot of work, especially if you are using fresh flavorings. They make the brewing process much easier and quicker to allow you to do other things. This is very handy if you are preparing for a tea party.

If you want to get the best results when making iced tea with tea bags, go for larger tea bags with enough space for the filling to absorb water and expand.

Such tea bags provide enough room for a complete infusion of flavors, aromas, and taste. Hence, you will end up with a robust and delicious cup of iced tea.

Avoid tiny, confined tea bags as they can be bad news. They limit infusion, leading to under extraction and less flavor.

The Best Way to Store Iced Tea

If you prepare too much iced tea than you can finish, you don’t have to dispose of the remnants. There are ways that you can store it to last longer so you can consume it later.

While it’s possible to store iced coffee for several days, the taste will deteriorate with time.  A three-day cup will not taste like a freshly brewed cup, but it will still be safe to consume.

Keep your iced tea in an airtight container to prevent it from absorbing flavors and odors from other foods in the fridge.

Sugar is the primary cause of accelerated bacterial growth in any iced tea. If you want your tea to last longer, you should use other sweeteners like honey or syrup instead of sugar.

If you want the flavors in your tea to last longer, you will be compelled to use high-quality tea.

When preparing tea for later consumption, try adding fun recipes for it to last longer. An excellent example of such a recipe is the green tea sangria.

Even if you store your tea very well, don’t consume it if it has a funny smell and changed the color.


Nothing tastes better than a glass of refreshing iced tea amid a hot summer. Whatever flavor you choose, be it creamy iced teas or tangy brews, it will surely put a smile on your face.

Making iced tea is very simple and allows for the versatility of flavors. It’s even easier to prepare iced tea when using tea bags instead of loose tea leaves.

Teabags will allow you to prepare your iced tea without much hustles and messes.

Since the loose tea is contained in bags, there is no need for sieving, thus you don’t need a filter or tea balls.

If you want to prepare a tasty iced tea with tea bags, here is a how:

Step 1: Select Good Tea

To have a final good iced tea, begin by choosing good quality black tea bags.

If you find either Keenum or Ceylon, you will have great results. They are best because they don’t turn cloudy after cooling.

For this recipe, you will need about 3 to 4 black tea bags.

Step 3: Steep Your Tea

Cover your pot and allow the tea to steep for 3-5 minutes. Steeping tea for too long will result in bitter-tasting tea. To prevent this, ensure to taste your tea after every 30 seconds after the first 3 minutes.

Step 4: Add Water and Refrigerate

Once you are done steeping your tea, pour it into another container that can go into a refrigerator.

Allow it to cool down to room temperature and add two more cups of water.

Stir the contents thoroughly with a spoon, close it and place it in the refrigerator.

Step 5: Serve

If you navigated through the above process, your iced tea is ready to drink.  You may decide to add a cup of lemon juice to the tea before serving if you please.

Place ice cubes into your glasses, serve the tea, and enjoy.

You can put tea bags into cold water for a flavored cup without switching on your stove.

This practice of putting tea bags in cold water is common in the summer. Tea is made with cold water and chilled just like other iced tea and is allowed to steep in the sun.

To brew tea in cold water put tea bags in the pitcher and add the water. The ratio should be one tea bag to one cup of water.

Cover your pitcher airtight and place it in the refrigerator. The refrigeration time should be at least 8 hours before it’s ready for consumption.

It’s advisable to allow the tea to steep for hours in the sun before putting it into the refrigerator. This will improve its flavor. Moreover, you can add some fruit and herb to your tea to make it more refreshing.

It’s straightforward to make tea with milk at home. However, what will happen if you decide to put your tea bags directly in milk? Will the tea still taste great?

Well, it’s possible to prepare tea by putting tea bags directly in milk, and the tea still tastes excellent.

While brewing tea, two processes are involved; osmosis and diffusion. The flavors in tea move into the surrounding liquid that has a lower concentration through osmosis.

Remember, the flavors in tea can dissolve in almost any liquid, including milk.

Water is mainly preferred because of its neutral taste and ability to dissolve many compounds.

There are two main things that you should take note of while putting tea bags in milk:

  • Milk has many flavors in it already and is denser than water. Therefore, you have to use a lot of tea for it to taste.
  • Milk will mask most tannins available in tea; thus, your tea will never be bitter unless you put in a lot of tea.

With that said, here is a quick way to prepare tea with tea bags and milk:

  • Pour one cup of milk into a pan or a pot
  • Add tea bags directly into the milk
  • The milk should not boil. Instead, simmer the mixture for around 10 minutes
  • Remove the tea bags, serve and enjoy

How to Make Tea with Tea Bags on the Stove

Nowadays, the electric kettle has become a staple in almost any kitchen you enter. However, you may not have it or maybe you are in a situation where you won’t access it.

Well, you don’t have to worry if you have a stove. You can still prepare your hot cup nicely and efficiently with some tricks.

Before we see how actually to make the tea, here are the different tools you will need:

  • Saucepan

With a saucepan, you are good to start making your tea with tea bags on a stove. A saucepan helps in controlling the temperature of the water as it boils.

In this case, control means you can monitor the water as it starts forming bubbles until it boils. You don’t need a thermometer to know when the water is almost boiling.

You can also use the saucepan both for boiling water on the stove and for steeping the tea.

  • Stovetop kettle

Before the electric kettles rocked the market, stovetop kettles were the staple for brewing tea and coffee.

A stovetop kettle is very easy to use. Once the water starts boiling, you will hear a whistling sound to remind you.

One downside of a stovetop kettle is that you can use it to steep tea leaves.

  • Cezve

This is a traditional Turkish pot for brewing fine-textured tea. You can use it to brew both tea and coffee.

However, you can use it to brew either coffee or tea only. If you brew tea after brewing coffee, it will smell like coffee.

If you have one of the above tools, tea bags, and water, you can brew your tea with these easy steps:

  • Put your preferred steeping tool, such as a saucepan, on the stove. Pour water into the pan and heat it. The heating temperature will depend on the type of tea you want to brew. Some are weaker and will require lower temperatures.
  • Once the water has the correct temperatures, remove it.  Add tea bags into a separate teapot.
  • Pour the hot water over the tea bags.
  • Allow it to steep for 2 to 5 minutes according to the type of tea at hand.
  • Remove the tea bags, serve and enjoy.

What is the Best Homemade Iced Tea

There is no single answer to this question. There are so many iced tea flavors out there, each with its unique, refreshing taste.

After all, what is best for one person may not be the best for another.

With that said, there are those flavors of iced tea that most people prefer. They include peppermint tea, black tea, green tea, Hibiscus tea, white tea, Chamomile Lemongrass tea, Oolong tea, and Barley tea.

There are many more flavors of iced tea than I can list. It all depends on your personal preference.

Just know your taste, learn how to prepare it, and it will be your best flavor.

There are several ways to make iced tea without ice. You just need to have your favorite tea bags to simplify the brewing process.

The most common types of tea used to make tea without ice are sun tea and cold brewing.

For sun tea, you just have to pour clean water into a pitcher or glass jar and put your teabags in the water. Then leave it to steep in the sun for a few hours and the drink will be ready.

For cold brew tea, you’ll steep tea in cold water for about 8 to 12 hours. The steeping process can happen at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Once it’s done, you can enjoy your iced tea with milk or other preferred flavorings.

In Conclusion

Iced tea is one of the best ways to refresh on a hot day. If you have high-quality tea bags, you can make hundreds of different flavors using multiple methods.

However, it’s easy to end up with a bad-tasting drink if you don’t know how to make iced tea with tea bags. You can use the above tips to get the best results.

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