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4 Delicious Recipes Of Whipped Coffee

As a coffee enthusiast, whipped coffee is the best thing to ever happen. Preparing it is relatively easy, and it only requires three readily available ingredients. Furthermore, whipped coffee is highly fluffy and delicious, which makes it perfect for morning coffee.

It will only take five minutes of your time to prepare a whipped coffee while using a hand mixer. The best part is that you can either have it either cold or warm, depending on your preference.

In this article, we shall be going through some of the best and delicious whipped coffee, including the creamy whipped coffee (also referred to as Dalgona coffee) ingredients. Depending on your taste, you can either prepare a whipped coffee with or without sugar.

This beverage is often prepared using instant coffee, water, and with or without sugar or any sweetener. Without further due, let’s go through the best-whipped coffee recipes that relatively easy to prepare.

Best Whipped Coffee Recipes

1. The Dalgona coffee

The Dalgona coffee is one of the easiest and highly delicious whipped coffees among most coffee enthusiasts.

This coffee beverage is said to have originated from South Korea and has won the heart of many due to its consistency and great taste. It will take you approximately 700 strokes when whisking to make this lovely coffee beverage.

Despite the fact that it seems extreme, you can decide to use a hand mixer or a stand mixer you might have at home.


To prepare a Dalgona coffee, you will require the following;

· 2 tablespoons of instant coffee

· 2 tablespoons of hot water; ensure you heat your water until it becomes hot not boiling

· 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar. You might as well consider using a granulated sugar substitute.


· Ensure you have a large and a complete dry mixing bowl ready

· Mix your sugar and coffee together in your bowl

· Add hot water to the mixture

· Using a stand or a hand mixer, whip the mixture until it doubles in size. This process will take you approximately 2 to 3 minutes

· Add two glasses of milk of your choice. Most individuals prefer using almond milk for their recipes.

· Once that is done, top off each glass of milk with your whipped coffee

· You might use a spoon or a cinnamon stick to stir your whipped coffee and the milk, or you might as well consider drinking it with the whip on top.

· Enjoy the deliciousness of your coffee.

· You should note that this whipped coffee should be used with an hour of preparation.

2. Creamy Caramel Mocha 

Indulge in one of the best homemade high-quality coffee drinks with this caramel mocha recipe. Along with whipped cream as well as a butterscotch drizzle, this is an incredible treat. Furthermore, it is highly loved most coffee enthusiasts, and it will waken up eve the sleepiest individual at your table.

whipped coffee creamer

If you are a coffee lover, then you should consider giving this recipe a try. This recipe has been tasted with Torani brand favoring syrup; therefore, you might consider using it when preparing it.

A cup of the creamy caramel mocha is said to have 220 calories. It has 14 grams of fat (9 grams of saturated fat), 38 mg of sodium, 3 grams of protein, 57mg of cholesterol and 19 grams of carbs (16 grams of sugar and 1 gram of fiber)


· Half a cup of heavy whipping cream

· A tablespoon confectioners’ sugar

· A tablespoon of vanilla extract should be divided

· 1 ½ cups of half and half cream

· ¼ cup of Dutch-processed cocoa

· 4 cups of hot and strongly brewed coffee.

· ½ cup of caramel flavoring syrup

· Ice cream toppings; butterscotch caramel


· Using a small bowl beat whipping cream until it thickens. Once this is done, add some confectioners’ sugar along with ½ teaspoon of vanilla. Continue beating until it becomes stiff and peaks form.

· Place a large saucepan on medium heat and then whisk the cocoa along with half and half cream until it becomes smooth. Continue heating until some bubbles start forming around the saucepan. Once this is done, whisk in some coffee, the remaining vanilla, and the caramel syrup. Top serving with whipped cream and then drizzle with butterscotch toppings.

· When preparing it in a slow cooker, you should first prepare the whipped cream as directed. Once that is done, whisk cocoa along with half and half cream, caramel syrup, coffee, and the remaining vanilla in a 3-qt. slower cooker. Cook it while covered for approximately 2 to 3 hours or till it is heated through and then serve as directed.

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3. Original Irish Coffee

The original Irish coffee is a coffee cocktail that was first introduced by Joe Sheridan in 1942. This hot beverage is loved by most coffee enthusiasts, and it is present in most Irish pubs, and it is relatively easy to prepare. Furthermore, it only takes 7 minutes to prepare.

Despite it being relatively easy, preparing an original Irish coffee will require a well-planned and carefully constructed process. Mixing the ingredients should be cone with the utmost care and can be added to cappuccino or modern latte.


· 4 ounces of coffee. (It should be strong and rich; brewed and hot)

· 1 ½ ounce of Irish whiskey

· 2 tablespoons of brown sugar

· 1 ounce of heavy cream (It should be lightly whipped)


· Gather all your ingredients

· Take your brown sugar and place it in a warm Irish coffee mug, glass, or any other heat-proof glass.

· Add your coffee and stir until it dissolves

· Add your Irish whiskey and stir once again

· Add your lightly whipped cream and let it float on your beverage; use spoon to pour it over the drink.

· Drink and enjoy your beverage; once you add your lightly whipped heavy cream, do not stir it.

4. Keto Coffee

For coffee enthusiasts who are on a ketogenic diet, the keto coffee will be perfect for you. This coffee is a bit healthier when compared to your average breakfast, and it is equipped with incredible calories to match. 

The keto coffee is often used in intermittent fasting, and it offers plenty of energy and a feeling of satiety throughout morning fasting hours. If you are looking for a healthy whipped coffee beverage, then look no further because the keto coffee recipe got your back.


· 2 cups of coffee

· 2 tablespoons of grass-fed unsalted butter

· 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil or MTC oil

· 1 tablespoon of heavy whipping cream

· 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


· Brew the 2 cups of coffee in a large container; you might consider using your favorite method of brewing. Ensure that you choose a container that is large enough to prevent spillage during the blending process.

· When using a pour-over method, it will be best if you grind it to the size of the kosher salt or even smaller. Once done, fill your coffee filter and then wet the coffee with a small amount of water and leave it for approximately 30 seconds for it to bloom. Once this is done, you can go ahead and brew it, usually by pouring water in the circular motion. Ensure that you do this with utmost care to prevent the coffee from swimming in water.

· Take your butter and the coconut oil as well s the immersion blender. You might consider mixing this in a regular blender; however, it can be more hassle when it comes to cleaning it.

· Take 2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter. It is highly recommended to start with unsalted one first to test.

· Drop the butter in your coffee and then add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and then add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or the MTC oil depending on your preference.

· Add your heavy cream into your coffee and mix it all together with the immersion blender. It will take approximately 45 to 60 seconds to get a frothy cap at the top. During this process, make sure that you move the immersion blender up and down in order to emulsify all the fats in the present in the coffee. This aids in aerating the mixture hence adding some extra froth.

· Watch carefully when pouring the froth on top since it can drip down the side. Once you’re done preparing your ketogenic coffee, you can measure it and sip it from your favorite mug.


When it comes to whipped coffee some of the frequently asked questions include;

The Dalgona coffee is not only photogenic but also features an incredible taste. Most coffee enthusiast says it has a super creamy latte taste. This photogenic coffee beverage has a classic and traditional coffee taste, and it features plenty of sugar, and it can be a little bit nutty. It features a bit of tartness; however, it is not fruity.

Instant coffee is considered to be the best when it comes to preparing Dalgona coffee; however, you might as well use regular coffee. When compared to regular coffee, instant coffee is said to have a better taste when preparing a Dalgona coffee.

The coffee beverage bearing the name fluffy coffee is a whipped coffee that has been going viral recently on TikTok, and it is said to have originated from South Korea. This coffee beverage is said to be enjoyed by several coffee enthusiasts, and it is relatively easy to prepare.

Yes is the answer; however, its taste is a bit different from instant coffee. To prepare your whipped coffee using a regular coffee, you will have to grind your coffee beans until it becomes a fine powder. To achieve this, you will have to use a coffee grinder and grind your coffee beans for at least 30 seconds. Access your coffee and repeat the grinding process for another 30 seconds if necessary. Pour your coffee through a sieve to remain with the finest coffee powder, which you will then use in preparing your whipped coffee as an instant coffee replacement.

In addition to coffee, some of the most significant ways in which you can use your leftover whipped cream include;

· Oatmeal breakfast. Using whipped cream on oatmeal during breakfast is relatively easy. By adding it to your oatmeal, it will become sweeter and fluffier.

· Mousse or ice cream. When preparing your ice cream recipe, you might consider adding you’re the leftover whipped cream as well. This will lead to the formation of an exciting hybrid ice cream with the help of the whipped cream; they blend perfectly, giving you a rich sweet taste.

· Freezing. Whenever you feel like you are not in the mood of preparing something to eat, it will be best to freeze your leftover whipped cream and use it later.

· Upgrading your breakfast. You might consider using your leftover whipped cream in upgrading your morning meal. Some incredible morning meals that are ideal for use with chipped cream include; French toast, crepes, waffles, and pancakes, among others. Furthermore, you might consider adding it to your hot chocolate.

Final verdict

Coffee is a highly consumed beverage across the globe and has proven to have several incredible health benefits.

As a coffee enthusiast, a cup of coffee will not only make you feel energized but also aids in burning fat, improve physical performance, reduce risks of developing several health conditions.

You might consider trying some of the above mentioned whipped coffee recipes and enjoy the benefits of coffee.

If you are a coffee lover or not, you might consider joining the whipped coffee challenge and get yourself entertained during this self-isolation and social distancing period. As we come into conclusion, we hope that this article will be of great benefit as you enjoy your lovely coffee beverage.

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