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15 Amazing and Best Ways to Brew Coffee

For many of the coffee enthusiasts, there is no better feeling than sipping your best cup of coffee. Unfortunately, most people tend to enjoy coffee more from a café than they do at home.

This is because the baristas in coffee shops know how to make the best, delicious coffee for their customers.

But what if you could learn how to make the same cup of coffee at home? It sounds great, right?

Learning how to brew your favorite coffee at home can deliver the best experience as you will be able to explore more of the countless coffee recipes.  It will help you enjoy delicious coffee whenever you want.

Different people have their preferred method for making their coffee, but it’s essential to learn the best and healthiest way to brew your coffee at home.

That’s why we have created this complete guide to the best coffee brewing methods. Continue reading to discover the healthiest way to make your favorite cup of coffee.

15 Best Ways to Brew Coffee

best ways to brew coffee

1. Brewing Coffee in a French Press

Learning how to make coffee in French Press is one of the basic things that every beginner should know. It’s an excellent way to get started.

French Press is an exceptional coffee maker that has been around for decades. It comes with a built-in filter that makes the entire brewing process a breeze.

To brew coffee in a French Press, you need to ensure that you have a good grinder. The right grind-size for a French Press is coarse.

You will also need clean water to make a decent cup of coffee with a French Press.

Once you have everything in place, you just have to put your coarsely ground coffee beans in the pot then add hot water.

Let the boiled water sit for about 4 minutes before plunging the press to separate the grounds from coffee.

The best thing about brewing coffee in a French Press is that it gives you a unique brew, especially for those who want more caffeine. It’s also easy and straightforward to use a French Press.

french press coffee

2. Brewing Coffee Using an Espresso Machine

If you know anything about coffee, there are higher chances that you know or have heard about the espresso machine.

Since its invention in 1901, the espresso machine has kept many coffee enthusiasts caffeinated.

Espressos come in different sizes and shapes, with loads of features to help you make your favorite coffee.

This coffee maker works by pressuring water through a chamber with finely ground coffee beans, resulting in an espresso shot.

Depending on your machine, you can easily brew coffee within 20 to 30 seconds. However, you have to wait until the machine warms up, which could take about 3 to 5 minutes.

The right grind-size for an espresso machine is a fine, consistent grind. In this case, you can use a burr grinder for the best results.

When done well, espresso brewing delivers a very strong, sharp espresso shot full of flavor. You can then add hot water to make it Americano.

You can also froth milk and add it to the espresso shot to make a delicious milk-based cup of coffee.

This brewing method is the best for those who love a milky brew like a latte or just a sharp caffeine hit.

The only downside of espresso brewing is that the espresso machine can be quite expensive than other coffee makers.

3. Brew Coffee in a Moka Pot

If you don’t want to spend much money on a coffee machine but are still craving a strong, espresso-shot-like brew, you can use a Moka Pot.

A typical Moka Pot comes with three chambers, in which you add water to the bottom one. When the water boils, it rises through the coffee beans on the top chamber.

Brewing coffee in a Moka Pot is easy and super-fast. Once you have heated the water, you will make your coffee within five minutes or less.

When using this method, you should grind your coffee beans to be coarser than those of an espresso. However, they should be finer than a drip coffee grind.

Moka Pot Coffee Maker

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4. Try a Vacuum Pot (Siphon Coffee)

This is a unique brewing method as it’s a combination of different brewing methods to create a great-tasting cup of coffee.

It’s a long-brewing process that requires a good amount of effort. Hence, you may not use this method daily, especially if you have a busy day.

To brew coffee in a siphon, you will need a medium-coarse grind (similar to Chemex brew grind-size) for great results. The whole brewing process will take you about 10 minutes.

Brewing in a Vacuum pot delivers a very clean cup of coffee full of flavor. When done right, it produces the best coffee.

You can always use this method when you want your friends or guests to see your coffee brewing expertise.

5. Brewing Coffee in a Chemex Brewer

If you are looking for a convenient way to make excellent and healthy coffee, the Chemex brewer is for you.

The best thing about this method is that it’s effortless to learn how to brew coffee in Chemex.

Unlike most drip brewing methods, Chemex brewers allow you to make more coffee at once. You can easily brew 3 to 4 cups of coffee within three minutes.

To brew coffee in a Chemex, you will need a filter, medium-coarsely coffee beans, and hot water.

Once you gather your ingredients, you need to pour the desired amount of coffee over a three-layered filter placed on the Chemex.

When pouring hot water on the coffee beans, be sure to let the beans bloom for about 30 seconds before adding more water.

What you will love most about Chemex brewing is that it can produce more coffee in one go. The coffee also has a very rich and aromatic flavor.

chemex with coffee filter

6. AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress has become a popular brewing device due to its compactness and the convenience it delivers.

It’s a great coffee maker for travelers who want to enjoy quality coffee wherever they go.

To brew coffee in an AeroPress, you just have to put your finely-ground coffee beans on the filter cup with a filter paper on it and twist it on to the chamber.

Then place the chamber on a mug and pour hot water until it reaches the ‘1’ mark of the chamber.

After adding water, stir using a stirrer for about 10 seconds. Then insert the plunger and press gently before removing the AeroPress from the mug.

This brewing method is perfect if you want a quick, single-serving cup with a complex, aromatic, and flavorful taste.

7.  Pour-Over Brewer

If you are looking for a perfect way to make juicy coffee with sweet flavors, the Pour-Over method is your best bet.

Most coffee enthusiasts view this method as the ultimate showoff’s way to make coffee. There are different brewers, including the Hario V60 and Kalita Wave, but they function the same way.

To make coffee with a pour-over brewer, you put coffee beans in a coffee filter and pour water over them.

The best way to get the most out of this method is by using freshly roasted coffee beans.

Various factors will determine the quality of the coffee you make with a Pour-Over brewer. They include; how much water you use, how you pour it, and how hot it is when pouring it.

Other factors, like the type of roast and grind-size, will also affect the coffee tasting notes.

This simply means that the method requires some skill as the machine won’t do much if your ingredients are not perfect.

You need to prepare your coffee well and use the right water-coffee ratio to avoid bad coffee.

8. Drip Coffee Machines

Drip machines are among the most common coffee makers used by many Americans. They are popular due to their ease of use.

If you need more convenience than the control you have when making coffee, then a Drip coffee maker is a good choice.

When brewing coffee in a Drip coffee maker, you need to use medium-fine grind-size. It’s straightforward to brew coffee as you just need to place a filter paper in the filter basket and moisten it with hot water.

Then put the ground coffee beans on the filter paper, pour your hot water into the reservoir and let it run through to the carafe.

Some people feel that this method is for experts as it can lead to extreme acidity sharpness when done wrongly.

9. Brewing in an Electric Percolator

Percolating your coffee is a great way to brew hot and strong coffee. It fills your house with a lovely coffee smell.

While percolating machines like the Farberware Percolator are great machines for serious coffee lovers, some people feel that this method is a poor way to make coffee.

This is usually because the coffee produced is very hot and sometimes bitter, depending on the grind-size and roast type.

However, you can still make great coffee in a percolator by using fresh, coarsely-ground coffee beans. You can also learn some perfect tips to make the best coffee in a percolator.

10. Brewing Coffee in Coffee Bags

The idea of making instant coffee sounds great as you just need hot water. However, it doesn’t achieve better-tasting coffee.

This is where a coffee bag comes in. You can use a coffee bag with ground coffee beans to make a delicious cup of coffee that’s better than instant coffee.

All you need is a coffee filter bag filled with coffee beans and a cup of hot water. You can make your own coffee bags or buy them to save time.

As with all steeping brewing methods, you need to be extra careful to ensure that your coffee doesn’t get bitter.

If you are looking for an easy way to make a better cup of coffee that beats instant coffee, you can’t go wrong with this method.

11. Cupping

Cupping is a brewing method used to analyze the quality of coffee and its flavor profile.

It involves pouring water directly onto the ground coffee beans on a coffee mug or cup. Then let the coffee beans sit for about six minutes.

If you find that your coffee is too hot, you can just lower the water temperature before pouring it on the beans. This will ensure that you don’t wait for so long to drink your coffee.

12. Brewing Coffee in a Softbrew

The Softbrew is labeled as a ‘primitive yet high tech’ coffee maker. It comes with a similar design to that of a French Press, but easier to use.

To brew coffee in a Softbrew brewer, fill the stainless filter with coffee beans ground according to your preference. Then add hot water and let it steep for about 4 to 8 minutes before serving.

The best thing about the Softbrew coffee maker is that you can use any grind-size, from coarse to finely-ground coffee beans.

13. Brew Coffee in a Portable Cone

This is one of the most convenient ways to brew coffee, mostly loved by outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy a great cup of coffee while camping.

It’s a simple plastic dripping cone that allows you to brew coffee in a flask.

While you won’t get the same quality brew you will get with other drippers, its low-price tag and portability make it a great brewing tool.

14. Turkish Coffee

If you love black and strong coffee with an exceptional flavor and aroma, you will love Turkish coffee.

If you love black and strong coffee with an exceptional flavor and aroma, you will love Turkish coffee.

It involves pouring water and finely-ground coffee beans in a Turkish pot and simmering the brew for about two to three times to achieve a strong but unique cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, you can only use a flame to brew coffee in a Turkish pot to get better results.

15. Cold Brew for a Hot Day

Cold brewing has become a popular way to brew coffee as it’s linked to more caffeine in your cup of coffee.

This method allows you to conserve the coffee taste and significantly reduce the acidity level, making your coffee taste better. There is no any form of bitterness.

When making coffee in a Cold Drip Brewer, patience is key as it will take about 10 to 24 hours.


1, What is the Best Way to Brew Coffee at Home?

The healthiest way to brew a fresh cup of coffee is filtered brew. A recent study on the links between coffee brewing methods and risks of heart diseases and death reveals that the safest way to brew coffee is filtered brew.

While drinking coffee delivers many benefits to your body, researchers indicate that unfiltered coffee may bring more harm.

Unfiltered coffee has substances that increase blood cholesterol and so filtering it will help remove these cholesterol components. This will significantly reduce the health risks of heart attacks and premature death.

2. What is the Healthiest Way to Brew Coffee?

The healthiest way to brew a fresh cup of coffee is filtered brew. A recent study on the links between coffee brewing methods and risks of heart diseases and death reveals that the safest way to brew coffee is filtered brew.

While drinking coffee delivers many benefits to your body, researchers indicate that unfiltered coffee may bring more harm.

Unfiltered coffee has substances that increase blood cholesterol and so filtering it will help remove these cholesterol components. This will significantly reduce the health risks of heart attacks and premature death.

3. Which method of coffee making is best?

The best method of making coffee can vary depending on personal preferences. Here are some popular methods:
French Press: Known for making a robust and full-bodied cup of coffee.
Pour Over: This method gives you control over the speed and distribution of water flow, resulting in a well-extracted cup of coffee.
Espresso Machine: Best for those who prefer a strong and concentrated cup of coffee. It requires some learning, but can produce a variety of coffee drinks.
Cold Brew: Ideal for those who prefer a milder, less acidic coffee. It’s also great for making coffee in bulk.
Automatic Drip: This method is perfect for people who want a simple, hands-off brewing method. It can produce a consistently good cup with minimal effort.

4. How to brew good coffee at home?

Here are some steps to brew good coffee at home:
– Start with fresh, high-quality beans. Coffee is best used within a few weeks of being roasted.
– Grind your beans just before you’re ready to brew. Coffee grounds start to lose flavor as soon as they’re exposed to air. The size of the grind should match your brewing method.
– Use the right amount of coffee. A general guideline is 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds per 6 ounces of water, but adjust to taste.
– Use clean, filtered water heated to the right temperature. For most brewing methods, water should be just off the boil (195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit).
– Brew for the right amount of time. The correct brewing time varies depending on the method: 2-4 minutes for a French press, 2-3 minutes for a pour-over, and so on.
– Clean your equipment regularly to prevent build-up of coffee oils that can create off flavors.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose the Percolator, French Press, or any other coffee brewing method, the key thing is having fresh, quality coffee beans.

Don’t get this wrong, you can still brew bad coffee with fresh, high-quality beans, but you can’t make great coffee with bad coffee beans.

If you are new to coffee brewing, it’s essential to master a few brewing methods and use good-quality coffee for the best results.

You can try out different methods like the ones listed above and conduct a good coffee brewing comparison. Then settle with at least the 4 best coffee brewing methods.

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