13 Tips On How To Use A Camping Coffee Percolator

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Camping is a favourite recreational activity for many people. Every year thousands of people all over the country stuff their backpacks, gather supplies and head off into the great outdoors.

Most campers take the bare essentials that they need to survive outdoors and nothing else. This is true for the tents that the use for shelter and for the coffee that they drink while out in the wild.

Now, you would probably think that a camper would not be all that concerned about having a cup of coffee while out in the wild. But the truth is that coffee is a favorite beverage that many campers have come to enjoy.

Since it is, many campers often use a coffee percolator make a fresh cup of Joe. Making coffee out in the wild can be a difficult thing to do if you are not skilled? Why? Because cooking over a campfire is not the same as cooking over a stove.

While making coffee outdoors can be a challenge it is not impossible. There are 13 quick tips about how to use a camping coffee percolator that a person can put to use in order to make a tasty cup of coffee while they are outdoors.

How To Use Camping Coffee Percolator

Before addressing how to properly use a camping coffee percolator, you must understand how this outdoor appliance works.

How does a Coffee Percolator Work?

Most camping coffee percolators have a basic construct. The outer unit of the device has a design that resembles a coffee pot and the inside of the unit contains a basket for coffee grounds.

Water is normally poured into the outer shell of the unit and the basket is lowered into the water. Once the water boils, the coffee mix will blend with the water to produce a coffee in the pot.

Keep in mind that most camping coffee percolators use a filter in the baskets for the coffee. This is no different than a regular coffee maker where the coffee mix is poured into a filter before making a fresh cup.

how to use a camping coffee percolator

1, Controlling your Heat Source

Trying to make coffee over a campfire is difficult. The fire is normally too hot and it is just too hard to ensure a good cup that does not have the scorched coffee taste.

The trick to brewing good coffee over a campire is to use a minimum amount of heat to get the job done. This is one reason why home coffee makers tend to turn out great cups of coffee.

When you want to percolate your coffee over a campfire, you should place this unit on an adjustable campfire grill rack. The grill rack should be positioned to its highest setting to avoid scorching the coffee or causing the water to evaporate too quickly.

You should also consider making a small campfire that can be used specifically for percolating your coffee.

Many people use modern heating equipment such as battery or fuel powered burners to make their morning brew. This is a good idea because these units will not generate more heat than a campfire.

 The only drawback is that they take a longer time to prepare a cup of coffee. Just remember to keep your heat source under control when percolating coffee in the wild.

2, Adding Water to your Unit

Making coffee in a percolator camping pot is easy to do when you add in the right amount of water. You should only put in enough water in a pot to make the amount of coffee that you will consume in a setting.

What you should do is take a 6-8 ounce cup and pour water into the pot according to the number of cups that you plan on making. So, if you only want to make enough coffee for three people just add in three cups of water.

Cooking only what you will need will help to conserve your coffee grounds for future use and it will keep you from consuming your supply too fast. By the way, it is okay to make extra coffee if you have a good thermos that can keep it warm.

3, Your Coffee Brand Matters

If you want a good cup of coffee in the wild you must choose a good brand for making it. Making percolator coffee while camping is beneficial when you select a high quality coffee flavor. A high quality coffee will be hard to ruin in terms of taste.

Even if you happen to over brew the beverage it will still be tasty. Good quality coffee grounds and flavors should be used instead of the cheaper varieties when it comes to percolating coffee.

The cheaper varieties are easy to ruin and they normally taste horrible even if they have not been scorched.

Everyone has their own choices for what they consider the best cup of coffee. Brand name coffees tend to hold up well in camping percolators. There are some brands that have been exclusively made for camping percolator units.

Coffee made outdoors tend to have a different type of taste than coffee made indoors. So, just because a particular brand taste's good when it is homemade does not mean that it will taste the same when made outdoors. You should not forget this point if your coffee tastes different once you are camping out in the 

how to use camping coffee pot

4, The Percolator's Material Design

A percolator's material design matters because it will determine how fast or how thorough a pot of coffee will be. Most percolators are made out of a metal substance. However, some are stronger than others. The better percolators are made out of titanium and iron, since these two metals hold up well in extreme heat.

The average camping percolators are made out of aluminum and chrome and can generally withstand high temperatures. Lower quality camping percolators do not hold up well under extreme heat and should be avoided.

A tin percolator pot should be avoided. The main thing to remember is that you should purchase a high quality percolator unit that is made out a of durable material that can withstand extreme heat and the elements.

5, Cooking Time

Camping coffee percolator instructions will have different cooking times for different brands. However, when it comes to making a good cup of coffee using a camping percolator a person should only brew their coffee for about 15 minutes or until the lid starts to percolate. Remember a real cooking time may vary from not all heating sources will be same.

You will have to watch your percolator pot to ensure that it is being brewed in the right way.

6, The Amount of Coffee Grounds you Need to Add in the Pot

Many people have a tendency to fill the basket way to high with coffee grounds. You should avoid doing this unless you want an unusually strong cup of coffee.

Just put enough coffee into the maker that is able to properly flavor the amount of cups that you will be making. For example, if you are making three cups of coffee only put in 3 to 6 teaspoons of coffee grounds. This would be equivalent to 1 or 2 teaspoons of instant coffee per cup.

7, Use a Standard Coffee Cup

When making percolator coffee while camping you should use a standard coffee cup. A standard 6-8 Oz cup works best for coffee because it does not throw off a person's ability to make a good cup of coffee.

A larger sized cup will cause a person to make adjustments to the water and coffee grounds. In the end this will probably ruin the taste of the coffee or make less cups if there are more than four people using the same pot. If there are only a few people than using a larger cup should not be a problem.

8, The Size of your Percolator

If you are the type of person that likes to drink a lot of coffee then it only makes since for you to buy a large camping percolator pot. Most camping percolator pots make about 32 ounces worth of coffee.

You can also purchase some units that can make as much as 64 ounces. Larger sized pots ensures that there will be more coffee for a larger group of campers and that extra coffee will be available. However, larger pots are also a lot heavier to transport and are not practical for campers who are constantly on the move.

A percolator's design can also influence its size. Most camping percolators are shaped like cylinders and some have a round body style.

Cylinder shaped camping percolators are easier to transport since they can be easily packed with equipment and supplies. Rounder pots are being harder to pack because of their size.

9, How to get Rid of Grounds

One of the best ways that you know how to use a camping coffee percolator, is by getting rid of the grounds. Let's face it, if you had any outdoor coffee; at one point in time you probably tasted grounds in your cup. Coffee grounds can sometime enter into the coffee since the basket is located inside of the pot with the water.

If you find this has happened to you, you should take your pot and restrain the coffee you have through an extra filter. You can also scoop out the extra grounds or cover the pot and swirl. When grounds are floating in the coffee they can be settled to the bottom of the pot by twirling the pot around in a rapid motion.

Gravity and the force of the twirling motion will naturally settle the coffee grounds to the bottom of the pot. You should also remember to use a high quality basket system to avoid this problem as well.

10, Coffee Strength

Camping coffee percolator instructions will sometimes instruct people about the amount of strength that their coffee units are supposed to have. Once again, if add more coffee grounds to your pot, it will increase the strength of your brew.

You can also increase a brew's strength by boiling most of the water out of it. Just be careful when you cook coffee at this point because it will ruin the taste of the coffee and it will resemble a thick sludge.

Camping Coffee Percolator

11, Watch for the Percolation

Coffee percolator camping how to use your pot to figure out when the unit is percolating. You will have to keep a close eye on your coffee pot to find out when it begins to percolate.

While your percolator's instruction manual can give you information about percolating time; the best way to discover when your unit starts to percolate is by watching the pot. Once you see your unit percolate then you know your coffee is ready to consume.

12, Adding Condiments to your Brew

Camper percolators tend to make strong tasting coffee. A lot people do not like to drink strong coffee. They normally add milk, creamer, sugar or flavouring to this beverage.

You can and should add condiments to your coffee to ensure that the flavor is to your liking. You can also bring creamer that does not require refrigeration and you should have sugar in your supplies that you can use for this purpose.

Adding flavouring such as chocolate syrup or coffee liquors is also recommended. Just carry these items in small amounts. Try to avoid bringing milk if you can, because it will spoil very quickly outdoors. However, if you have a cooler or some other form of refrigeration, then you should bring it.

13, Practice makes Perfect

How do you use a camping coffee percolator? You practice making coffee in it until you get it right. This is the best way to learn how to get the most out of your percolating unit.

You can practice making outdoor coffee on your grill or if you have a fire pit in your backyard area you can do it there as well. Once you master learning how to make coffee with your unit you will then be able to make a really great Cup of Joe that will provide you with energy and great flavor during your camping experience.

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