how to use a camping coffee percolator

13 Tips On How To Use A Camping Coffee Percolator

With the hustle and bustle of life in the city and urban areas these days, no wonder more and more people go camping for a quick escape.

Everyone packs their staff and all the necessary supplies and goes outdoors. Fresh air and the cold weather are the perks campers are up in the mountains or the countryside.

Coffee then is a staple in this recreational activity, which is why they need to know how to use a camping coffee percolator.

Being on a camping trip does not mean you cannot have the best coffee. A fancy coffee maker is not your only option. There is what you call a camping coffee percolator to make your best coffee possible even when you are outdoors. 

Aside from the tents that campers use for shelter, a coffee percolator is among the essentials they bring while they are out in the wild. This explains why coffee is a favorite beverage they drink to curb the cold and enjoy the cozy ambiance.

Many of these campers usually get a coffee percolator in making coffee while camping. However, learning how to use a camping percolator can be difficult and need some skills. Remember, cooking food or heating water over a campfire differs from doing it over a stove. Bet you would agree with this. 

Yes, making coffee out in the wild can be a bit of a challenge. This does not mean you cannot make it through by learning how to use a camping coffee percolator.

Are you ready to get started on how to make coffee in percolator camping gear? Here are some tips to help you make a tasty cup of beverage using a camping coffee pot percolator

How to Use Camping Coffee Percolator?

Learn how to make coffee when camping with the tips and tricks to be presented below. But before getting into the best way to make coffee camping great and enjoyable, understand first what this wilderness gear is and how it really works.

What is a Camping Coffee Percolator?

You may have packed everything you need for your camping weekend to come. However, you won’t have instant coffee in your backpack, right? You can manage this if you include a camping percolator in your supplies. 

Camping Coffee Percolator

The percolator is a camping coffee maker which serves as a perfect combo for your camping spree. There are different types of percolators depending on your purpose or area of using them. Use a traditional unit that goes on the stove unless you will hop on an RV where an electric percolator would be viable.

There are factors you need to consider when bringing a percolator. Put into account their size, their filters, basket, durability, and their functionality. A unit that can keep the coffee warm longer would be preferable when camping.

Exploring the wild may bring you lots of surprises and there is no certainty when you will need it. To be prepared at all times without any hassle, it is very important to have the percolator with you.  

How Coffee Percolator (a Camp Coffee Maker) Works?

Typically, camping coffee percolators come with a fundamental construction. The outer unit design of this camp coffee maker resembles that of a coffee pot. Meanwhile, the inner unit is equipped with a basket, which is intended for the coffee grounds. 

Usually, the water is poured into the unit’s outer shell and then its basket is lowered into the water. The coffee mix and water will blend for coffee production inside the pot. 

Be mindful of the fact that most of these camping coffee percolators are equipped with a filter. The filter in the baskets is designed for the coffee. This is the same with a regular coffee maker that uses a filter for the coffee mix to make a fresh beverage.

When making a percolated coffee in the wilderness, you will need some materials. Among these essentials are:

  • Percolator
  • Heat source
  • Water
  • Ground coffee or coffee beans
  • Towel or potholder
  • Cup

Heat Source Control

Making coffee over a campfire can be challenging. Take note that normally, the fire is extremely hot. This makes it too difficult to ensure a cup of coffee without the taste of a scorched coffee. Can you imagine drinking coffee with the said taste? Bet you would want to do everything to come up with a delicious coffee and enjoy your time with mother nature.

Use a minimum amount of heat to get a great brew for your coffee over a campfire. This will make the job done very well. This is why the home coffee maker is considered to produce great cups of coffee. How about you? Would you agree?

Place the devices on the grill rack of an adjustable campfire if you percolate your coffee over a campfire. You need to position the grill rack to the highest setting. This will prevent the scorching of coffee. Another reason is that this causes the water in the pot to evaporate that quickly. Also, try to make a small campfire for the percolation of coffee.   

A lot of people have been using modern heating equipment like fuel-powered or battery-operated burners for their morning brew. This is a great idea and option because they will not produce more heat compared to a campfire.

How long to percolate coffee camping drink? This process may take you a long time to prepare a cup of coffee. Bear in mind that you should control the heat source whenever you percolate your coffee at the campsite.

how to use a camping coffee percolator

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Add Water to the Unit

The use of a camping coffee pot percolator is not that difficult if you add enough water to it. Only put the right amount of water in the pot for the exact amount of coffee that you want to consume in a certain setting. 

To make your wild-brewed coffee, just take a cup (6-8 ounces in capacity) then pour water into it based on how many cups you would want to come up with. Add about three cups of water if you intend to serve coffee just for three people.  

Making as many cups of coffee as you need will likely conserve coffee ground. You may be able to use the remaining grounds in the future. As such, you would be able to control your consumption and keep you from wasting them. However, making extra coffee is a good idea given that you own a quality thermos to keep it warm for a long time.

The Significance of Coffee Branding

Branding is not just something, but it is everything for a camping coffee percolator. Find a unit with a good brand because ruining it would be a challenge even when the brew is not perfect. There are even brands specifically designed for outdoor use.

Another factor to consider in making coffee while camping is the right choice of the brand. It is important to make percolator coffee while in the wild if you choose a brand that offers high quality in terms of flavor. Its taste is not that easy to ruin when using a quality-wise coffee.

Do not worry if you accidentally over brew your coffee because its delicious taste will remain the same. It is highly recommended to use coffee grounds with good quality and flavors over the cheaper varieties if you percolate your beverage. Typically, low-priced varieties taste horrible and easy to ruin. They produce a horrible taste even though they are not scorched.

Meanwhile, you may have your own choice of what you may consider as the best coffee variant. Many experts would agree on the capability of brand-name coffees to keep well in using camping percolators. Take note of the availability of some brands manufactured exclusively for camping percolators. This is the reason why knowing how to use a camping coffee percolator is significant.

Keep in mind that coffee cooked at the camp tastes differently from the drink made at home. This only means that even when coffee is branded, its taste will not be the same when made indoors and outdoors. Always remember this fact so you won’t be surprised if the coffee tastes different when you’re gone camping.

The Material Design of Coffee Percolator

Know the material design of the percolator as it will serve as a matter of determining the thoroughness of a coffee pot or the speed of the device. Well, most of the percolators are made based on a metal substance. On the other hand, some of these units tend to be stronger compared to the others. Both iron and titanium are great materials for percolators since they can hold up extreme heat well. 

Regular camping percolators come from materials such as chrome and aluminum. These units can withstand heat at high temperatures. Avoid camping percolators of lower quality for they cannot hold up your coffee under extreme heat. Also, it is not a great deal to choose a tin percolator pot.

Better purchase or select a unit of high quality and made from a durable material. The percolator should be able to withstand the elements and the extreme heat when making coffee while camping.

how to use camping coffee pot

Time to Make Your Coffee

How long do you percolate camp coffee? The instructions of every camping coffee percolator when it comes to cooking time depend on its brand. However, there seems to be a standard if you want to come up with a good cup of coffee from your camping percolator. Brew your coffee in 15 minutes or just until the unit’s lid begins to percolate. Although the real-time for cooking may vary, not all the sources of heating will be the same.

Mind watching your camping percolator while cooking. Make certain that it is brewing properly. This will prevent any possible damage to your unit or make your coffee to be well-brewed.

Right Amount of Coffee Grounds to Put in the Pot

In most instances, people tend to fill the coffee maker’s basket with many coffee grounds. Avoid this manner unless you want your coffee to taste so strong. Buy a filter that fits the basket of your percolator if you opt to use a regular ground coffee. On the other hand, a filter may not be necessary if you will be using fresh coarsely ground coffee. 

Add an amount of coffee grounds into the percolator just enough to make your drink flavorful. Base this on your preference for a cup of coffee. You may try this ratio of 3 to 6 teaspoons of grounds for three cups of coffee. This is equivalent to a cup containing one or two teaspoons of instant coffee. 

Use of a Standard Coffee Cup

It would be ideal to use a standard coffee cup when cooking your percolator coffee at the camp. A cup that can hold 6-8 ounces of liquid works best for your percolated coffee. This will never fail your ability to brew a good cup of coffee even when you are miles from civilization.

A cup with a larger size may only require you to adjust the coffee grounds and water for brewing. Eventually, this will only ruin the coffee’s taste. This may not make enough cups of the beverage if over four people are using the same pot. In this case, using larger cups would solve the problem.

The Right Size of Percolator

Get a large size camping percolator pot if you drink coffee a lot. Remember that most of the percolator pots are able to cook approximately 32 ounces of coffee. Using the larger pot will give you satisfaction in your drinking session while embracing the cold temperature. 

Try purchasing percolators that allow you to make up to 64 ounces of coffee. Pots with larger capacity ensure enough beverage for a great number of campers. Also, there will be extra cups for those who want more. This comes with a drawback though. Larger pots are heavier to carry and transport. If you are a camper who is always on the move, these units would not be practical. 

The size of the percolator may influence its design. Many percolators have a cylindrical shape. There are also units designed with a round body style. 

Percolators with cylinder-like shapes are easier to carry outdoors. You can pack them with supplies and equipment without any hassle. Packing pots with round shapes is more difficult due to their size.

Get Rid of the Coffee Grounds

Knowing how to use a camping coffee percolator requires knowledge on how to remove the grounds of coffee. In most cases or at some point in your camping life, you have already tasted the grounds in your cup of outdoor coffee. Sometimes, coffee grounds may be present inside your coffee since the basket is just inside the pot along with the water.

Here’s what you should do. Take out your pot and use an extra filter to restrain the coffee. You may cover the pot and swirl it or try to scoop out the excess grounds. If you see the grounds floating in your coffee, they have to settle down to the bottom. Just twirl the pot around in a rapid motion until the grounds settle to the bottom. 

​Both the force and gravity applied during the twirling motion make the coffee grounds settle naturally to the bottom. Moreover, keep noted the significance of using a high-quality basket system to prevent the issue on floating grounds in your coffee.

Camping Coffee Percolator

Strength of Coffee

There are times when the instructions of a camping coffee percolator require you certain strength of the coffee to be brewed. The main logic here is to make sure that the unit you will be using will not be compromised.

It is important to note the capacity of the coffee maker to come up with the best coffee. Adding more coffee grounds to the pot will consequently increase the strength of the brewing process.

Another way of increasing the strength of the brew is by boiling the water. Be extra careful in making coffee at this time so as not to ruin the coffee’s taste. Also, the coffee can resemble a thick sludge. 

Watch and Follow Through the Percolation of the Coffee

Learn how to use the pot so you can determine if the device is percolating. Keep your eyes close to your pot to see the start of the process.

Generally, the instruction manual of the percolator can give you information regarding the percolating time. This may take some time when done over a fire, but you have to monitor the whole process. 

Keep and maintain a medium strength of flame if you are cooking through a camping stove. The content will start to boil after a little while. Watch the pot to see when the coffee maker begins percolating.

You will notice the percolation through the bubble spot. Adjust the flame down or move the unit off the fire’s center. This serves as an indicator that your coffee made in the wild is now ready for consumption. 

Pour yourself a cup of the percolated coffee and enjoy. Bask nature’s beauty while sipping the beverage to fend off the chill of the mornings in the wilderness.

Add Some Condiments to Your Brewed Coffee

Camper percolators can produce a cup of coffee with a very strong taste. On the contrary, many people do not have the palate for a strong coffee. This is why some of them put sugar, creamer, milk, or any other flavoring on their hot beverage.

Well, you definitely have an option to add condiments to your coffee to make sure that it gets the flavor you want to. A creamer that does not need refrigeration is another alternative condiment other than your sugar. 

Flavorings like coffee liquors or chocolate syrup can be an addition to your brew. Since you are camping, just bring a small amount of these items with you. Bringing milk to the camp is not advisable. Milk tends to spoil quickly when taken out from the fridge, especially when brought outdoors. In case you will have a cooler or any refrigeration unit at the campsite, milk can be an additional item for your coffee. 

Keep on Practicing How to Use a Camping Coffee Percolator

Make a perfect brewed coffee in the wild with a camp percolator. How? Practice how to use a camp percolator every time you make coffee while camping. Continue the procedure until you will get it right and properly. This is the best learning strategy to get most of the functionality of this coffee percolating unit. 

You can even do this at home. Practice preparing your outdoor coffee in a fire pit in the backyard. Another area for coffee brewing is on your grilling unit. The next thing you know you are already an expert in making coffee out there in the wild.

Once you have mastered this art of making coffee in a percolator, you will never worry about replenishing your much-needed energy in your every camping venture. All is possible if you have the drive and passion to achieve your goal for a perfect coffee while getting the wilderness feels.

Take these tips and advice on how to use a camping coffee percolator on your next expedition in the wilderness. Making coffee will then be very easy and quick if you learn how to make coffee in a camping percolator.

You will have your coffee ready to consume with your breakfast. Always remember to strain the coffee grounds out every brew to fully enjoy your drink.

Doing some camp chores while your coffee perks can be very tempting, but you can always wind up with the camping coffee percolator.

A percolator is a great option for camping when a power source is out. All you need to do is learn how to use a camping coffee percolator and practice for the perfect hot beverage. Your stay in the mountains will be much more memorable as you fill the fresh air with your lungs and admire the scenic view.  

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