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Reasons Why People Like Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator.

Electric percolators are no longer the luxury items they used to be but a daily necessity in every kitchen across America. Not too long ago the percolator was only seen in cafes and restaurants, but is now used by all age groups. Students, working adults, seniors and even frantic parents seek a kick start of coffee to get them on their way in the morning, as a booster in the afternoon or even a relaxing beverage with dinner.

Without the convenience of a home appliance we would be left with the depressing alternative of instant coffee or the whopping prices of a coffee shop

There is an electric coffee-maker to be found on every kitchen counter or neatly stowed away in a cabinet. Coffee-makers have drastically changed the entire coffee brewing and enjoying the experience.

Time to brew is much shorter and the convenience of the process of creating a fresh pot of good coffee is now nearly a joy to the many people who can truly appreciate the fragrance and flavor of this classic drink.

Electric coffee percolators were gaining their first cheers of popularity around the 1950’s and 60’s, but these original models were nothing like the sleek machines we employ today.

These original contraptions were bulky and difficult to operate; often the product they produced was bitter, or tasted of burnt coffee grinds. Many of the first electric percolator customers were very unhappy with the long waiting period for the meager cup of coffee that was hardly worth the wait when it arrived.

Hamilton Beach began to improve the design of their coffee makers decades ago. After listening to the complaints, comments and suggestions of their customer base, the Hamilton Beach Corporation was able to emerge as the top manufacturer of quality high-tech coffee-makers we enjoy today.

We will review one of Hamilton Beach’s more economical models. So let’s take a look at the Hamilton Beach 40616 model and all the features and capabilities that come with this stainless steel 12-cup capacity coffee-maker.

Hamilton Beach began revising, improving and modernizing their coffee makers over the past decades. The company listened to their base of customers and were able to become one of the leading manufacturers of today’s modern, high-tech coffee makers.

We will now review one of the less expensive models made by the Hamilton Beach Corporation. Let’s check out the features and capabilities of the Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator 40616.This is a stainless steel electric percolator with a 12 cup capacity.

General  Features of Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator

The design of this appliance has a retro aspect about it; it was designed to look something like the early models designed in the mid 20th century. The glossy metallic lines that run along the stainless steel exterior are a recognizable tribute to the “Atomic Age”. This retro design will undoubtedly increase in popularity as it becomes more retro with the passage of time.

hamilton beach stainless steel coffee maker

Construction Components

Although the shiny stainless steel exterior gives the Hamilton Beach 40616 a high resemblance to more expensive percolators there are a few differences to be aware of. The fit, exterior finish and general construction is not in the same grade as other stainless steel coffee- makers

This model of Hamilton Beach coffee percolator  is much lighter than other varieties: this is due to the very thin sheet of steel that forms the outer coat. The thin coat can also be expected to heat up much faster than with other models and caution should be exercised to avoid getting seriously burned.

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Budget Friendly Price

A Hamilton Beach 40616 can be yours for a mere $50 (or even less if you find a sale) which makes them ideal for cash conscious consumers. This model won’t include all the extra perks and features you see in many more pricey models, but the Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator  does have enough features to satisfy the economic budget. If you want a quality product that can consistently deliver a fabulous cup of coffee in less than two minutes, then this is your machine.

Some of the Product Features that are a Cut above the Rest

Even though this mode could definitely be considered a “budget buys” it still comes with enough special features that are sure to delight and impress. The Hamilton Beach 40616 comes with a warming feature to sustain the sweet, fresh coffee flavor even longer. Simply nudge the keep warm selection and the prepared brew will stay warm and fresh rather than become cold and bitter.

There is a thermal coating laid into the handle that keeps it safe to the touch. Safe enough that you can comfortably serve a cup without sustaining injuries or attempting to lift the pot with a bulking hot pad or potholder. Still, always be careful when handling hot coffee.

The extra-large 12 cup capacity is perfect for serving an entire party of guests or a small crowd of executives. Many consumers say that the 12 cup size is the perfect size for use in the home; big enough to serve the entire family to spare, small enough to manage easily.

The spout has been specially designed to prevent all drippings and spillage; so no worry about coffee stains.

The Best Advantages of the Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator 40616

  • Specially designed pouring spout that is drip free, to avoid any serving accidents.
  • Bargain Price! The retail price set by manufacturer is $45 – $55.
  • The automatic shut off function can save you energy and more, if you happen to forget to power off your machine.
  • Attractive stainless steel finish combines nicely with the decor of the kitchen.
  • Keep warm function assures there will always be a perfectly brewed cup of coffee waiting for you.
  • Brewing time is only 12 – 14 minutes when preparing the complete 12 cup batch.
  • Ever had to struggle twisting the lid off a coffee-maker? Not with the Hamilton Beach 40616 non-twist top that provides easy access to users.
  • Handle is cool to the touch even if the contents are piping hot.
Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator

Some of the Downsides to Consider

  • Despite the size of the Hamilton Beach 40616, this model is best suited for small gatherings rather than large caffeine-fueled conventions that need a lot of coffee fast.
  • Some of the inner components within the coffee-maker are made of plastic. Plastic has been known to leach toxic chemical compounds into hot liquids. Although this is not a health hazard in any way it is something to consider.
  • The filter’s design allows some smaller grinds of coffee to escape in to the brew.
  • Not submersible in water or washer friendly. All components must be cleaned by hand to avoid a short circuit.
  • Retro design of the Hamilton Beach 40616 may not be popular with everyone.
  • High noise level does seem a bit annoying after a while.
  • A made in China stamp on the bottom may be a sign of poor quality to some consumers.
  • 1 month warranty provided from Hamilton Beach

In Summary

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator can deliver a decent cup of coffee in just a few minutes and 12 cups in less than 15 minutes. It’s sleek design and 60’s style is a cheerful addition to any kitchen. The 12 cup capacity is perfect for the home and its affordable price will fit into any budget nicely. It should also be noted that the Hamilton Beach 40616 was designed by a reputable manufacturing company and can be expected to perform well under normal circumstances.

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