Electric Coffee Percolator

15 Facts about Electric Coffee Percolator Blow Your Mind

Many coffee addicts prefer to brew a fresh cup of coffee at home.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods to prepare a cup of coffee at home. For instance, you may opt for a drip machine or instant coffee granules with some hot water.

Each technique for brewing a fresh cup of coffee at home is unique and besides that, there is no need to master the procedures to have a good taste of coffee.

Today, one of the hottest trends in coffee preparation is the use of a coffee percolator.

An increasing number of Americans prefer electric coffee percolators over the traditional model.

While a percolator still operates on the same principle as the oldest versions, the new models have several advanced features setting it apart from the traditional coffee makers.

Now, if you are looking to start using an electric coffee percolator, you have landed on the right page. We have outlined the top 15 facts about electric coffee percolator that will blow your mind away:

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1, What Is the Purpose of An Electric Coffee Percolator?

A coffee percolator is a useful appliance for brewing coffee.

An electric percolator functions by cycling hot water through the coffee grounds by gravity.

The water cycle starts off as a weak coffee mixture and gradually evolves into the desired strength.

It exposes coffee grounds to high temperatures, which unfortunately, can result in over-extraction. It becomes hard to recirculate the coffee grounds more than two times.

2, Are All Coffee Percolators Electric?

Are coffee percolators electric

Not really. Coffee percolators come in different forms. Some brands are electric, and others still maintain the traditional version.

Each version of the percolator suits different groups of people.

For instance,  electric percolators are ideal appliances for kitchen and office, while the traditional version percolators are a perfect fit for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Traditional percolators are mainly used in areas without power connections.

Either way, both versions do not distort the taste of the coffee. They uphold high-quality tasting despite having different designs and features.

Nonetheless, many coffee enthusiasts prefer an electric coffee percolator because it has the reputation of generating rich tastes. It is a benefit to the coffee lovers since the appliance ensures all the sweet-tasting is fully utilized.

On the flipside, electric coffee percolators are expensive. Not a deal breaker though because it’s worth the value of your money due to the functionalities and features.

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Using an electric coffee percolator is easy when compared to the oldest version. You only need to pour water into the coffee grounds and switch on the power to start brewing.

The only shortcoming of the electric percolator is the high consumption of energy.

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3, Is There A Difference In “Coffee Taste” When An Electric Coffee Percolator Is Used?

Not really. Coffee is richer and robust. Many coffee lovers rarely find it different when brewing with an electric percolator. But the taste can change when using improper brewing instructions. 

For instance, over-extraction of coffee while brewing will result in a bitter taste. It happens since the coffee flavors are over-utilized. Sometimes it is a clear sign that the richness and strength are over.

So, how do electric coffee percolators work? Electric percolators have lower and upper chambers. The lower chamber contains water and the upper chamber is known for housing coffee grounds in the basket.

The heat generated passes water through the vertical tubes as well as over the coffee grounds before dripping back to the bottom pot. The cycling mechanism enhances the brewing of coffee.

Keep in mind that the taste of coffee brewed in electric and traditional percolators is the same. It is hard to tell the difference unless you have years of experience in the coffee tasting industry.

Do electric percolators make good coffee? Absolutely. It is one of the kitchen appliances ideal for brewing balanced coffee. The delicious taste happens to be the reason behind the high demand.

Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
17,450 Reviews
Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use

It would be best to learn how to use electric percolators for better results. It will help to reduce the risk of over-extraction and bitter tasting.

4, When Were Coffee Percolators Most Popular?

The popularity of coffee percolators started in the 1940s and 1950s. They hit their peak in the 1950s and 1960s.

Every home in the United States had at least an aluminum or stainless-steel percolator in the kitchen cabinet. It is one of the reasons behind the many scrap metals of percolators in the world.

 farberware electric coffee percolator instructions

With time, the dynamics in technology have resulted in modern versions that are excellent in brewing coffee. Most modern percolators use electricity making them ideal for offices or kitchens.

Modern percolators are lightweight for portability, and don’t compromise on the brewing performance.

The unique features and style still guarantee coffee lovers the best taste. Besides that, brewing coffee takes less time to get ready.

But with the invention of drip makers, coffee enthusiasts are now finding a better alternative to the percolators.

Drip coffee makers are known to be faster, convenient, and economical when compared to electric coffee percolators.

5, Is there a Coffee Maker that Hyped the Musical Sounds Link to Electric Percolators? 

Coffee percolators are the oldest appliance for brewing the coffee drink. A lot of transformation has taken place in the coffee brewing industry.

The perking sound for a freshly brewed coffee happens to be the reason behind the popularity of the percolators. The sound was incorporated during the advertisement made by Maxwell house.

Research shows that the brewing produced the sound when it is being piped to the top of the pot. The Maxwell house jingled was found to match the perking sound of brewing fresh coffee.

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The company went to the extent of timing the music to match the brewing action. It is now true that the coffee maker was responsible for popularizing the electric percolators.

6, What Is One of the Most Loved Features of An Electric Coffee Percolator?

electric coffee maker how to use

Brewing coffee is rich in bioactive compounds that release fragrances. These aromatic compounds and fragrances are what many coffee lovers like.

The fragrances are only released when percolating the coffee. It is something that makes many coffee enthusiasts go mud when there is a limited supply of coffee.

The scent will fill the room and this makes coffee lovers enjoy more when brewing fresh coffee grounds. The only shortcoming is the tannins that deposit on other utensils.

The fragrance of brewing coffee with electric coffee percolators is not strong when compared to that released by the traditional version.

7, Who Invented the First Percolator?

The first percolator was invented by Sir Benjamin Thompson. He invented a mechanism of circulating water from the bottom into the tubes to pass over the coffee group before dripping back into the bottom.

That was between 1810 and 1814.

However, it didn’t live up to its expectations.

The Thompson coffee percolator did not function as the modern-day electric coffee percolator as it was challenging to use.

However, that didn’t stop the progression of coffee percolators, and today the advancement in technology has brought simple and easy-to-use coffee percolators to the market.

How Do You Choose the Brewing Strength?

Research shows that an electric coffee percolator increases the brew strength as the number of cycles increases. All you need to be extra careful since it might result in over-extraction.

The coffee might end up developing bitter flavors, and this denies an individual opportunity to enjoy a cup of java at home.

Additionally, allowing the coffee grounds to sit for a long period could result in a bitter and sour taste. Always have the habit of replacing the coffee after every complete cycle.

8, Where Did the Modern-Day Percolator Originate?

In the United States of America. It was invented by Hanson Goodrich in the 19th century. However, he later patented the modern-day stove-top for the coffee percolators. The  materials used were key in the creation of other coffee percolators in 1889.

9, Why Do We Use the Word “Percolator” To Describe These Types of Brewing Units?

A percolate is a term used to describe the process of making water pass through a permeable membrane to extract other soluble compounds in a solution.

For instance, the concept of passing water over coffee grounds. Percolate results in aromatics, essential oils, and other soluble chemical compounds in water.

It is the reason why the brewing of coffee in a percolator results in aroma, flavors, and deep brown coffee coloration.

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10, What Are the Basic Styles of Coffee Percolators?

The dynamics in technology foster further invention of percolators in the industry. Some of the basic types of percolators in the market today are electric percolator, stovetop design, and a percolator design for a microwave oven.

11, What Are the Names of Companies Manufacturing  Electric Coffee Percolators?

Many companies have ventured into the industry due to the high demand for coffee percolators. It is an indicator that over 85% of humans are coffee addicts.

Every brand fosters a high-quality product. Some of the most popular brands of coffee percolators are WestBend, AdCraft, Medelco, Farberware, and Presto.

12, What Are the Parts of An Electric Percolator?

Main components of electric percolator include:

  • Top Chamber
  • Bottom Chamber
  • Basket
  • Spreader
  • Top Viewing Knob

13, Why Did the Electric Percolator Become So Popular During the Mid-20th Century?

Modern kitchen appliances are designed to be convenient, affordable, reliable, and economical to use. Brewing coffee is a call. All you need to learn how to use a coffee percolator.

Most of these instruments provide a delicious and balanced brew. There is no need to freak about over-extraction. It is something that results in the bitter tasting.

14, Are Modern Coffee Percolators Difficult to Operate?

Modern coffee percolators come with a sleek design and innovative technical features that make the instrument easier to use,

We hope the facts outlined in the guide will be very useful. Take the time to read through the 15 facts about electric coffee percolators that will blow your mind away.

15, Is Percolator Coffee Really Good to That Very Last Drop?

Not really. Percolated coffee undergoes several cycles and the final brew ends up developing bitter-tasting. The issue occurs due to over-extraction and overheating of the brew.

Keep in mind that bitter-tasting can also happen at home while brewing your java. It occurs due to overheating the brewed beverage after completion of the cycles.

Ideally, coffee lovers should follow the instructions on how to use an electric coffee percolator. The guide will help to reduce the risk of over-extraction and overheating of the brew.

Percolated coffee needs to release an exceptional aroma and have robust flavors. These two features make coffee enthusiasts addicted to the java cup.

Keep in mind that percolated coffee brewed according to the instruction is delicious and mouthwatering. Something exciting is that even the last drop tends to taste fresh.

How to Choose the Best Electric Coffee Percolators?

Coffee drinking has taken over the world. Many people are visiting coffee shops to sample a taste of freshly brewed coffee. The culture has grown rapidly until making java houses are getting overwhelmed.

It is something that has triggered manufacturers of coffee maker machines to work around the clock. The purpose is to improve the existing appliances by adjusting to the dynamics in technology.

There are hundreds of recipes, tips, and suggestions on brewing coffee. These guidelines help people to prepare a balanced coffee brew at home.

Some of the best coffee for percolation are coffee beans, ground coffee, mugs, cups, and coffee makers. These coffee-making products play a crucial role in determining the taste and quality.

pouring strong coffee in a french press

The choice of coffee percolators determines the flavors, aroma, and general flavors. Take time to survey the market and pick a percolator that suits your preferences.

Stylish percolator models are in high demand. These products usually compete with those products that offer sleek lines and more basic designs.

However, choosing the best coffee percolators can be an exciting and daunting experience for beginners. Below are some of the factors to consider:

Brewing Capacity

Go for a coffee percolator that can suit your needs without any challenges. Those individuals planning to host a party and those with large families should consider large percolators.

But a single person should go for the smallest version. It will help to prevent overheating the beverage since it will result in bitter-tasting.


Figure out the purpose of buying an electric coffee percolator. If you are planning for outdoor activity, choose a stove-top coffee percolator.

An electric percolator is an excellent choice for indoor activities. It will be easier to connect the power cable to the socket.


Coffee percolators come in different brands and styles. Each brand tends to have a specific price tag. It would be best to budget and go for a product that is worth the value of your money. Keep in mind that some products are super expensive and others are affordable.

Research Your Facts

Coffee percolators still have the oldest version in the market despite the advancement in technology. Many coffee enthusiasts have not yet tried to learn how to use an electric coffee percolator.

But these coffee makers are mainly used by the older generation. The current generation prefers modern items like electric percolators. Elite percolators have unique features that are complicated to use and handle.

Both coffee percolators will allow an individual to have a mouthwatering taste of their favorite mug of java at home. Every brand of coffee is rich in flavor and aroma.

The depth of coffee in terms of taste will depend on the method of extraction. Some techniques result in bitter-tasting coffee.

Percolators Are Affordable

Coffee percolators are small kitchen appliances and they occupy small space on the counter-top. The most exciting thing is that percolators are easy to assemble, clean, and dismantle.

These coffee makers are sturdy, durable, and functional. They are typically designed to last for a couple of years with minimal wear and tear.

Learning how to make coffee with an electric percolator is super easy. Besides that, there are several online recipes and tips for brewing delicious coffee.

Brewing coffee in a percolator does not require experience or patience. It is a straightforward task that requires minimal effort. But you need to be careful with timing and measurements.

Useful Coffee Percolator Tips for Great Coffee Flavor

Following electric coffee percolator instructions will help you prepare a rich and flavorful coffee at home without facing any challenges.

The bitter-tasting coffee beverage is produced by those coffee-lovers who failed to follow the instructions in the right manner.

If you are looking to prepare a perfect and flavorful coffee drink, it would be best to consider finely ground coffee.

The rule of thumb is to match one teaspoonful of grounded coffee with water being added to the coffee maker machine.

You can also dash vanilla or lemon zest into the brew to create a bold and flavorful tasting coffee beverage. We recommend using a recipe rather than trial and error.

Study the Available Percolators Before Making A Purchase

Percolators have received both good and bad reviews since their invention. The people giving out reviews are those that have tested the coffee percolator at home.

Below are some of the factors used to critique the product:

  • Cost
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Warranty information
  • Convenience
  • Special features

Getting Down to the Basics

Coffee percolators are highly versatile in performance. The item can be used both indoor and outdoors. But ensure the electrical can access the PowerPoint.

The kitchen appliance consists of three chambers. Each chamber tends to play a unique duty while brewing coffee. Coffee is produced in a cycle for better tasting.

In Conclusion

The process of percolating coffee remains the same despite the advancement in technology. But electric coffee percolators offer fast, convenient, and affordable services to the user.

It would be best to find out more about a specific coffee percolator brand before buying. These reviews will help you find a coffee maker machine that suits your needs and preferences.

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