Facts About Farberware Coffee Percolator You Need To Know

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Many consumers strongly believe in the benefits of electric percolator ownership. In fact, there are always individuals who own several different kinds of electric percolators like Farberware Coffee Percolator. The coffee brewer has certainly found its niche in the market, however the kind of coffee it makes might not suit all coffee lovers palates.

If you are someone who enjoys a very strong cup of coffee, then you might not like how the coffee tastes that is brewed in a majority of percolators available on the market.

The coffee's taste isn't caused by using an inferior coffee brand or lack or technique. The design of a majority of electric percolators is where the fault lies.

The brewing process gets repeated numerous times when you use a percolator. You add coffee grounds and boiling water to the machine. Next the water slowly drips through the same grounds.

 The brewing procedure process is repetitive and continues until you have very strong flavored coffee finally. This same procedure unfortunately can also lead to coffee that is exceedingly bitter and very hot to touch.

When You Would Like To Buy The Best Electric Percolator, Trust In A Leading Product Brand

Black & Decker Corporation manufactures and distributes the Faberware percolator brand. The manufacturer's marquee name proves that you shouldn't casually dismiss these brewing machines.

These affordable small household appliances provide superior performance that nearly all devoted coffee lovers should be pleased with.

Many of the Farberware Coffee Percolators that Black & Decker offers have excellent performance, function and form. There are even tea percolators that have been designed to achieve the same exacting standards the percolator coffee makers meet.

Be sure to review the various stainless steel designs offered by Black & Decker Farberware on some of their higher-end product line-up. These machines have definite counter top appeal that are well-suited for any kitchen.

Electric Coffee Percolator

Although there are coffee brewing machines from competitors that have similar features, the percolators from Farberware will impress you with the attention shown to detail.

Along with the product warranty and performance power, customers really enjoy the stylish looks and sleek lines that are embedded distinctively in all the company's numerous percolator coffee makers.

Coffee lovers want to buy a percolator that produces rich, flavorful coffee to enjoy. If you don't like drinking coffee, then a nice change of pace might be a tea percolator.

Whether you like to have a cup of tea, coffee or relax with a cup of tasty hot chocolate, there's a percolator that can create an incredible brewing experience for you to enjoy.

With all of the different models out there that are competing for your hard-earned money, a product review is frequently the only way for you to discover what some of the hidden details are that can help you decide on the specific percolator that you want to purchase.

After you find a specific style of Farberware coffee percolator from Black and Decker that you are interested in, then you should read some customer reviews first before making your final decision. 

A Quick Overview of Farberware Percolator FCP280 8-Cup 

The machine has a 8 cup capacity and 1000 watt rating. It is ideal for consumers looking to enjoy a fast cup of coffee.

The Farberware FCP280 8-Cup is a budget-friendly, smaller model, however it can brew 1 cup of coffee a minute and is made from rugged stainless steel. The FCP280 8-Cup keeps your coffee extra warm so long as the machine is still plugged into a functioning power source.

It comes with a fully detachable cord. This coffee maker also makes use of the rolled edges on this percolator very well and comes with a cool-touch handle .

Electric Farberware Coffee Percolator Pro Features 

A majority of the percolators by Farberware feature either a 12 cup or 8 cup capacity. It is an adequate amount for handling a majority of consumer, dinner and family gathering needs. The machines work very well in small office settings also.

Thanks to the cool-touch technology, the handles that are produced are always comfortable to hold and touch. It eliminates you getting any accidental burns whenever you are lifting up the percolator and pouring a cup of coffee, tea or hot water. The cool-touch technology is even incorporated into the knobs and bases.

The rolled design around the percolator's edges on all of the latest Black & Decker Faberware Coffee Percolator will limit the chances of any spills and messy drips while using it. For consumers wanting to buy a coffee maker offering a "drip-less" feature, this is very welcome news.

Similar Products

One of these electric percolators most desirable features is its keep-warm automatic mode. It enables the owner to maintain the proper temperature on any coffee that is left over.

 You don't have to worry about reheating your coffee later on since it will be kept perfect warm by the percolator and ready to drink many hours into the future.

Brewing quickly isn't ever a problem. The Farberware Coffee Percolator models are able to brew 1 cup at least per minute, according to a recent review of electric percolators.

This translates into you only having to wait about 60 seconds to have freshly brewed coffee that is ready to drink. With an 8 cup capacity percolator, the entire brewing process will be complete in less than 10 minutes.

Most of the Farberware electric percolators from Black and Decker come equipped with completely detachable power cords. This allows you to be able to disconnect your machine from the power source so you can transport it to any other room in your office or home that you prefer.

The convenient portability features makes it very clear that a Farberware coffee percolator is an excellent counter top appliance that you should definitely welcome into your kitchen.


There are a couple of features that do have a tendency to detract from all of the impressive facts about these percolators that we have reviewed so far.

If a stainless steel electric percolator is what you decide on, then you need to know that there is a possibility that you could suffer from burns if you accidentally come into contact with the carafe's exterior surface.

The material stainless steel conducts heat very quickly. This means that the machine's outer surface will get very hot when using it to brew coffee or another beverage. During the brewing process, it's only the handles, base and knobs that stay cool.

Disconnecting the power cord will mean that the coffee maker can't brew coffee, and it also can't keep any beverages warm for extended periods of time. For your convenience, a detachable cord has been added as a feature.

You need to remember to connect the machine's power cord in order to actually use the coffee machine unless you are just wanting to pour or transport beverages.


These days consumers are look for electric percolator that can do more than merely brew a great cup of coffee. They are also demanding that it come with an affordable price, stylish exterior, convenience and ease of use.

Farberware percolators from Black & Decker are a perfect fit. You just can't ignore the combination of factors of the speed of brewing, modern design and high-tech innovations that these machines come with.

Also, many consumers prefer Black & Decker Farberware percolators because the machines have a smarter design. Many percolators have problems with them due to the fact that the stainless steel bodies have a tendency to get hot while they are brewing.

This can result in individuals getting burned while trying to pour from them. However, the Farberware coffee percolator feature efficient and smart designs that have been made to keep consumers safe and provide people with pouring that is free of hassles.


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