Farberware Coffee Percolator

Farberware Coffee Percolator: Transform Your Brew into a Masterpiece

Everyone loves the best deals when it comes to coffee, and this means having the right brewing machine and the best coffee beans.

While drip coffee makers have become more popular these days, percolators still provide a great cup of coffee for many families.

If you are looking for a convenient way to brew an enjoyable cup of coffee, you may want to try the Farberware percolator.

Percolating in Farberware is one of the easiest ways to achieve the full flavor and strong aroma from your coffee beans. They help you get the most of your favorite coffee beans.

All you have to do is learn some facts about it, including how to use it and make better-tasting coffee in it.

In this text, we will discuss some facts about a Farberware percolator demystify a few things about using this coffee machine.

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Farberware Percolator History

The Farberware percolator was invented in 1930 as the first electric percolator produced by Farberware.

Farberware is a licensed world-leading brand that produces high-quality kitchen gadgets. 

The Farberware percolator started a long tradition of making very convenient and reliable percolator coffee makers.

These percolators featured an excellent design that most brands have emulated.

Farberware Coffee Percolator

If you compare a Farberware made decades ago with the percolators made today, they are almost the same.

You can easily use and clean up Farberware that was made several decades ago. This means that it’s virtually indistinguishable from modern percolators.

Today, Farberware percolators are among the most trusted coffee makers loved by those who like percolating their coffee.

Features of a Farberware Percolator

The Farberware percolator comes in various features that make it an exceptional coffee maker.

These features include:

1. Stainless Construction

Farberware percolators feature a stainless-steel construction on all the parts that come into direct contact with coffee during the brewing process.

The Farberware percolator parts that use stainless steel include the outer body, coffee basket, perk tube, pouring spout, and the bottom of the inside part.

However, some outer parts like the handle and the base may use BPA free plastic or other ergonomic materials.

The stainless-steel construction not only makes the percolator durable but also ensures that no harmful chemicals get into your coffee.

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2. Auto Keep Warm Function

When you want more convenience from a coffee maker, you will want a machine with an auto keep-warm function.

When you want more convenience from a coffee maker, you will want a machine with an auto keep-warm function.

This feature ensures that your coffee stays warm even when you don’t serve it immediately after brewing.

3. Detachable Cord

Farberware percolator is designed with a detachable cord connected on the base to the wall socket for the power supply.

A detachable cord is convenient as it allows you to move around in the house with the percolator and serve coffee for your guests.

It also makes it easy to clean the percolator as you don’t have to worry about electric shock or wetting the cord.

4. Permanent Filter

The Farberware percolator comes with a removable permanent filter that doesn’t have to be replaced after each use.

It’s usually a basket made of stainless steel to ensure that it can last longer and produce quality coffee.

If the coffee filter gets damaged, you can get a replacement from the manufacturer or order it from an online store.

The best thing is that it’s easy to get Farberware percolator replacement parts in the market.

Farberware Spectrum Brands 12-Cup Percolator, Stainless Steel

Types of Farberware Percolators

Farberware percolators come in two different designs. They can either be electric or stovetop.

The Farberware electric percolator uses electricity to brew coffee and is more convenient as you just have to plug it in the wall and let it do the job.

Farberware stovetop percolator uses an external source of heat like a gas stove, charcoal, or flame to brew coffee. It’s the best percolator for camping as it can help you make coffee with the campfire.

Some of the best Farberware stovetop percolators include the Farberware Yosemite 12-cup percolator and Farberware classic Yosemite 8-cup percolator.

All these percolators feature a sturdy stainless-steel construction that makes them durable and gives them a great appearance.

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The Best Kind of Coffee to Use in a Farberware Percolator

The best kind of coffee to use in a Farberware percolator is a medium roast. Using dark roast often leads to bitter coffee, while light roasts lose their flavor during the percolation.

Medium roast is the best as it maintains the delicious flavor after percolation.

Another thing you should keep in mind about the coffee is that it should be coarsely ground to get the best results.

If you use a fine grind-size, there are higher chances that you will end up with bitter coffee.

Some people also ask if you need special coffee for a Farberware percolator. The answer is no, you don’t need a special type of coffee to make a great cup of coffee.

Farberware Percolator Problems

As with any other product, Farberware percolators have their drawbacks too. Fortunately, it’s easy to solve most of these issues.

Some of the most common problems include:

  • Higher chances of producing over-extracted, bitter coffee.
  • The perk tube may get clogged when pouring ground coffee beans into the basket.

To avoid such problems when using your Farberware percolator, here are some tips that can help:

Farberware percolator
  • To avoid such problems when using your Farberware percolator, here are some tips that can help:
  • Never immerse the body of an electric percolator in water.
  • When pouring coffee into the basket, always cover the perk tube open to avoid pouring some granules in it.
  • Clean the percolator regularly and rinse it off with water after every use.
  • If you want to use a paper filter in the percolator, make sure that you buy the right paper filers for a percolator as it won’t work with other papers. Farberware coffee filters are cheap and help you get better results.
  • Contact the manufacturer if the machine won’t work as repairs to a Farberware percolator are best made by the manufacturer.

How Do You Make Coffee in a Farberware Percolator?

Making coffee in a Farberware percolator is never complicated, even if it is your first time. You can follow these steps to make coffee in a Farberware percolator:

·         Grind your coffee beans into a coarse grind using any grinder of your choice. However, for more consistent results, the Burr grinder will give a more uniform coarse grind.

·         Open the percolator, remove its components, and pour water inside up to your desired level.

·         To prevent any coffee from shifting through, wet the coffee basket before putting the coffee ground on it.

·         Return the coffee basket together with the other components into the percolator and close it well.

·         Connect the electrical cord both to the percolator and to a 120V AC power outlet. Brewing will start within a few seconds and will stop by itself when your coffee is ready.

·         If you want to consume your hot cup immediately, you can unplug the cord from power and remove the coffee basket with the pump tube immediately.

·         If you want to serve it later, leave it plugged in, and the percolator will keep it warm for you. You must remove the coffee basket for good flavors.

How Do You Use Farberware Percolator?

If you just bought a Farberware percolator, you must wash it thoroughly before first-time use.

This is necessary to remove the dust and dirt that the percolator may have accumulated during the packing and shipping process.

Open the percolator and remove the inside parts, including the coffee basket, pump tube, and spreader. Add water into the percolator up to your desired capacity using the markings on the inside.

For the best results, you should always use cold and clean water, not less than two cups. If you want to brew the maximum amount of coffee, the maximum water level should always be under the pump tube’s bottom.

Place the coffee basket on the pump tube and add your desired level of coarsely ground coffee. The recommended ratio should be one spoon of coffee to one cup of water. You can increase or decrease the amount of coffee, depending on your desired strength.

Return the pump tube together with the coffee basket into the percolator, ensuring it’s centered well in the middle.

Cover the coffee basket with the spreader and snap close the percolator.

Attach the electric cord to the percolator receptacle area and onto a 120V AC power outlet. Brewing will begin automatically and will stop when the coffee is entirely brewed. The brewing duration depends on the number of cups you are brewing at the speed of one cup per minute.

When brewing stops, the percolator will keep the contents warm for you until you are ready to consume.

To avoid over extracting the coffee, remove the spreader, coffee basket, and the pump tube using gloves to avoid burns.

How to Clean a Farberware Percolator Pot?

Every time after brewing your coffee cup, it’s essential to clean your percolator to keep it fresh for the next time brewing.

But first, before you start washing the percolator, unplug it from the power source and allow it to cool down.

Open the percolator cover and remove the coffee basket together with the pump tube. 

Wash the inside of the percolator with water and detergent. All the parts of the percolator can go into the dishwasher except the base. It has electrical connections that can lead to rusting or electric shock if plugged into power.

Rinse the percolator parts like the cover, coffee basket, and pump tube with clean water before allowing them to dry.

Use a soft brush to clean the washer and the bottom of the pump tube. These areas can lodge coffee grounds and should be thoroughly cleaned.

Once in a while, ensure to clean the percolator’s inside thoroughly to remove oils and sups that may have accumulated. These grounds, if not removed, can result in a bitter-tasting coffee

How Much Coffee Do You Use for 12 Cups of Farberware?

The amount of coffee you put into 12 cups of water in a Farberware percolator depends on your desired strength. However, the recommended ratio for a medium-strength decent coffee brew for 12 cups is 12 tablespoons of coffee. You can increase the amount or reduce it for stronger or mild strength, depending on what you want.


Farberware percolators are great coffee makers that are still loved by many people despite the popularity of automatic coffee makers. They are among the best coffee makers that can serve you for decades.

Whether you choose an electric or stovetop Farberware percolator, you can expect an extended service life as they feature a sturdy stainless-steel construction.

If you are new to percolators, be sure to read the instructions well and make the most out of your Farberware coffee percolator.

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