Cuisinart Electric Percolator

4 Features to Consider When Buying a Cuisinart Electric Percolator

If you are an enthusiastic coffee drinker, you probably have used a percolator or have just drunk coffee made with a percolator.

Electric percolators are great coffee makers that allow you to brew large amounts of hot, strong coffee at once.

Cuisinart is one of the top brands that make high-quality and reliable coffee percolators. While a Cuisinart electric percolator may be a bit pricey than standard percolators, it’s worth it.

Having a quality Cuisinart electric percolator helps you make delicious coffee with pleasant flavors.

When buying a Cuisinart coffee percolator, there are various things you will want to look for to ensure that you get the best coffee maker.

In this text, you will learn about the four features of buying a Cuisinart electric percolator.

Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator, Black/Stainless
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to…


  • Quick Brew Time: The unit impresses with its speed, delivering hot coffee in about 7 minutes.
  • Sturdy Design: The percolator’s modern stainless-steel construction not only looks sleek but feels durable too.
  • No-Drip Spout: The thoughtfully designed spout ensures a clean pour every time, which is a significant convenience.
  • Stay-Warm Feature: Even after brewing, the coffee remains hot for an extended period, enhancing the drinking experience.
  • Detachable Cord: Storage is made easy thanks to a cord that detaches when not in use, a handy feature for decluttering your countertop.


  • Lack of Auto-Off: You’ll have to remember to unplug the appliance, as there’s no automatic shut-off feature.
  • Requires Filter Basket: For optimal use, purchasing a reusable filter basket is recommended, adding to the overall investment.
  • Voltage Restrictions: The percolator comes with a US plug, and there’s no clear indication if it can safely be used with 220v systems.
  • Cleaning Effort: Monthly maintenance can be a bit demanding—make sure to schedule it in to keep your percolator in top condition.
  • Durability Concerns: Although not a ubiquitous problem, some users have reported a lifespan of less than a year, which can be frustrating.

1. Size

While the size of a percolator won’t affect the cup of coffee you make, you need to consider the best size that fits in the available space.

You also don’t want to buy a percolator that won’t brew enough coffee for your family at once.

The good thing about Cuisinart electric percolators is that they come in different sizes, so you can choose a convenient capacity that suits your needs.

Before you buy a Cuisinart electric percolator, it’s essential to consider the amount of space you have as well as the size of your cabinet. This will help you choose a coffee maker that fits well in your kitchen.

Generally, you should expect a larger capacity percolator to be more expensive than the small one. Depending on your budget, go for a decent size that will help you make enough coffee for your family.


2. Materials and Construction

The materials and construction of a percolator are very crucial as they determine its efficiency and durability.

Cuisinart electric percolators made of stainless steel are the best in this case as they are sturdy enough to last long.

Stainless steel percolators will not interfere with the taste of your coffee, and no harmful substances are released to the coffee during the brewing process.

There are other things to check, including how the upper part is designed. Cuisinart percolators with a transparent cover or knob are the best for consistent brewing.

A transparent knob allows you to watch how your coffee is brewing, and it will help you see when your coffee starts burbling.

The materials used to make the handle are also critical as you don’t want to burn yourself when brewing coffee in the percolator. An ergonomic handle will help you pour your coffee easily.

Some percolators also feature a ready to drink signal light. Such a feature is very convenient as it allows you to know when your coffee is ready to pour.

3. Ease of Dissembling for Cleanup

cuisinart electric percolator

Some coffee kitchen appliances can be tough to clean, and coffee makers are among them. A coffee maker that is difficult to clean can be inconvenient and can lead to bad coffee.

Remember that you need to clean your percolator well to produce rich coffee with delicious tasting notes.

If you want a Cuisinart coffee percolator that is easy to clean, you will want to check the dissembling ease.

A percolator that is easy to take apart aid in cleaning. For instance;

After brewing coffee, you want to remove the basket with coffee immediately and rinse it to prevent stains.

Go for a Cuisinart coffee percolator that is well-created and is easy to take apart for easy cleaning.

4. A Convenient Base

The best Cuisinart electric coffee percolator should feature a convenient base. You don’t want to buy a Cuisinart percolator designed with a poor base.

Percolators with a stay-cool bottom feature ensure that the base remains cool when brewing.

Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator, Black/Stainless
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to…

A convenient base makes it easy for you to comfortably make your coffee on a countertop without worrying if it will create a mess or scorch the surface.

Moreover, the base should have a detachable cord for flexibility when moving with it around the house.

cuisinart classic 12 cup percolator

A detachable cord makes it easy for you to serve your guests with hot coffee right from the percolator.

How Do You Make Coffee in a 12 Cup Percolator?

To make coffee in a 12-cup Percolator, you need 12 cups or 96 ounces of water, 12 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee beans, and the 12-cup percolator.

Once you have all the requirements in place, you can follow these steps to make coffee in a 12-cup percolator:

1.  Prepare the Percolator

Before you start brewing your coffee, you need to clean the percolator as any leftover coffee grounds can interfere with your coffee’s flavor.

Then as 12 cups or the desired amount of water into the lower chamber of the percolator. Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions based on the maximum water level.

2.  Add the Coffee Grounds

If you put 12 cups of water to the percolator, add 12 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee beans into the basket on the percolator’s upper chamber.

If you used fewer cups, use a tablespoon of grounds for every cup to brew a strong cup of coffee.

After adding the beans, make sure that everything is well-assembled before covering with the lid.

3.  Turn the Percolator On

If you are using an electric percolator, connect it to the electricity source and turn it on. It will begin to heat the water immediately, and you should expect the brewing to start within one or two minutes.

After about five or six minutes, the brew cycle will be finished, and you can see it on the clear part of the lid.

You will need to wait for about six to ten minutes after the water boils to allow efficient brewing for a stovetop percolator.

Moreover, you need to reduce the heat after the water boils to prevent over-extraction, leading to bitter coffee.

4.  Unplug the Percolator

When your coffee has brewed for about five to six minutes, unplug the percolator, remove the basket with coffee grounds, and throw away the used coffee beans.

Allow your coffee to sit in the percolator for a few minutes before serving as it can be hot.

Some grounds may also have found their way to the coffee, so you will want to allow them to settle.

How Much Coffee Do You Put in a 12-Cup Percolator

12 tablespoons of coffee. For a full 12-cup percolator, you need 12 tablespoons of coffee. One cup contains 16 tablespoons of coffee, which means that 12 tablespoons of coffee make 3/4 cup of coffee.

Therefore, you can also measure your coffee with a cup and fill it up to 3/4 to spare your shoulder the work of counting out 12 tablespoons of coffee. If you use more coffee than the recommended amount, you may end up with a bitter or extremely strong coffee, which can be undrinkable.

Similarly, using less coffee than the recommended amount will result in a weak brew. You may also wonder how much coffee you need to put in a Cuisinart Percolator. The right answer is that you need one tablespoon of ground coffee for every 1 cup or eight ounces of water.

How Much Water Should I Fill My Coffee Percolator?

You should fill your coffee percolator with the desired amount of water, but it should not go beyond the recommended level.Coffee percolators usually feature a mark that tells you the maximum water level for brewing coffee.

When filling the percolator with coffee grounds, you need to ensure that you use the correct coffee water ratio.

The right amount of coffee to fill in your percolator will depend on the amount of water use. If you are brewing with 4 cups of water, then you need four tablespoons of coffee grounds.

How Do You Keep Coffee Grounds Out of a Percolator?

Use a coarse grind-size to keep coffee grounds out of a percolator. If your percolated coffee always has sediment or coffee grounds at the bottom of the percolator, it can be frustrating.

Percolators often get criticized for allowing coffee beans to pass through the filter to the bottom chamber. A lot has been said about this, but it’s easy to keep coffee grounds out of a percolator.

You just need to use a coarse grind-size and clean your percolator well before starting the brewing process.

If you are the kind of person who loves smooth and fine coffee, you can invest in paper filters to keep off the grounds out of your percolator.

Another easy way to keep the coffee grounds out of a percolator is avoiding rapid boiling that leads to grounds outflow from the basket to the lower chamber.

Final Thoughts

Cuisinart electric percolators are reliable coffee makers that every percolator enthusiast will love. They deliver modern touches to percolators as they are well-designed for ease of use and come in various sizes.

If you want to buy a Cuisinart electric percolator for brewing coffee at home, be sure to choose a good size for your family.

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