One of the ideal presents for any occasion is an electric percolator. In the recent times, the love and interest in coffee and its products has largely grown and with a percolator, you will be able to brew the beverages of your choice while at home.

In case you are worried of which present to give to either a college grad, a new bride or even a dear friend, then you should worry no more and buy them the Cuisinart Electric Percolator.

This is one of the gifts that you will be very proud while taking it to a house warming party. During the holiday season, you can also buy a percolator and give it to your family members or even a friend as a gift. This kind of gift cannot be ignored or overlooked due to how stunning it looks.

It is very easy and convenient to create fresh coffee once demanded due to the versatility of the Cuisinart PRC-12.The small glass-topped dome makes it possible for one to view much of the percolating action and also the various intricacies that normally take place during the brewing process.

As your coffee is being readied, you will be watching an entertaining show. The fact that as you are waiting for something good and at the same time you are watching an entertaining scene is a win-win situation.

With a quality coffee maker in your kitchen, you will be able to make delicious coffees within minutes. The Cuisinart model can be used to heat a quick mug of hot water, create a robust and rich black coffee or even create different flavors of coffee beverages.PRC-12 will be able to handle all the brewing tasks that you have in mind hence having it at your home is one of the best ideas you will have made in your life time.

Important Features  of Cuisinart Electric Percolator Offers To Its Users

how to use electric percolator

1. A vintage chic.

In case you love and enjoy the looks of vintage chic items, then the Cuisinart PRC-12 Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator will not disappoint you.

The physical appearance and the distinct classic lines of the Cuisinart PRC-12 Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator are very reminiscent of the eras as long as 1950s.In these years, homemade percolated coffee used to enjoy a universal appeal.

The electric percolator created by Cuisinart combines the unique look and the modern features which consumers demand and ask for.

The silver gray color found on the coffee maker will be able to match with the decor in any kitchen. The silver gray colour used to dominate in many tables found in restaurants and homes in the U.S.A during the 1950s. Even today, some people get really nostalgic after spying any kitchen that will remind them of the 20th century era.

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Cuisinart has been able to make it clear that the percolator offers more than just a mere nostalgic piece of Americana for the counters in your kitchen. This coffee brewing machine has been made in such a way that it offers such and every customer with the best services throughout its use.

A durable metal alloy is used to construct the base while a black, heat resistant plastic is used to cover the machine flat base. Plastic is used to cover the ergonomic handle so as to ensure the machine remains cool to touch even after the heating process. This characteristic makes it safe when you will be pouring hot coffee for your friends, guests or even yourself as you will not get burnt.

This coffee machine deserves to be admired and used due to its light weight heft and its classic looks. People will easily notice the four pound appearance of the percolator even at a distance. You might even realize that your new coffee maker will be the topic of discussion during your next family gathering.

Fun moments while brewing different coffee flavors while at home. You will be able to view the show if only you have a PRC-12 coffee maker. The whole process of watching coffee being brewed is entertaining and breath taking.

This model of coffee maker produces caramel colored bubbles that normally float up to the handled dome. This is normally a very beautiful scene to watch.

This is normally a very beautiful scene to watch. The brewing process is also accompanied by a musical relaxing sound that releases stress. As one waits for his/her coffee to be brewed to perfection, one will be listening to some good musical sounds.

The electric percolator is designed in such a way that the heated water is directed through a small basket which is normally lined up with a filter paper. Very little of the actual brewing process can be viewed.

One will however be able to see the coffee tickles that flow from the filtering basket to the carafe. With this Cuisinart machine you can be able to brew as many as twelve cups of coffee. In case you just want a few cups of coffee, you will simply adjust the water level by looking for the appropriate water mark at the water pitcher.

Farberware 12-Cup Percolator

2. Saving money

This coffee maker product will surely save you a lot of your hard earned income. Small measuring cups are included in the product price hence reducing the wastage of costly coffee grounds. The exact amount of coffee needed is easily scooped and added into the filtering basket. This simple designs helps in avoiding excessive coffee waste hence saving your overall budget.

The fact that the coffee maker is separated into different parts which include the lid cover, filter liner and a filter basket makes it very simple in case one wants to replace a spoil part. This makes the machine even simpler.

Cuisinart is a company with a very good reputation of offering quality services and excellence. In case you may want other accessories for the coffee maker, ordering the accessories straight from the company will not only ensure high quality products but also save you some real good cash.

3. Clean up

We all know how some kitchen appliances are difficult to be cleaned. Products that are difficult to be washed and dried are normally viewed negatively. The fact that this coffee maker is a breeze to clean is highly appreciated by millions of its users. The coffee machine has no raised surfaces or crevices that trap residue in the interior. The removable filter basket is specially designed for an easy and fast cleaning to.

Cuisinart created the electric percolators with very high precision to ensure they provide high quality services for very many years. The cost of this coffee machine is a bit higher than many other models but the services offered are incomparable and of very high quality. This simply means that the little additional cost is worth.

4. The base

The base of the Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic is black and has a modern elegant appearance. It also remains cool even while it is being used to heat the beverages. With this characteristic, it becomes safe to place the coffee machine on a counter top or even a table. In case you need to move the modern coffee machine from place to place, you can detach the power cord and easily move around the house with it.This makes it easy to serve guests around the house.

Advantages of Cuisinart electric percolator

1-The machine is light hence easily carried from place to place.

2-For customers who enjoy the vintage look, the retro look is an ideal choice.

3-The machine is constructed in a way that it will be durable.

4-The machine has a finish that is rust resistant.

5-The safety handle prevent accidental burn injuries due to the fact that it is heat proof.

6-It has an ergonomic design.


8-Simple to be used.


The price of this coffee machine is a bit higher than other models.

Customers who may want a completely modern appliance may not appreciate the vintage appearance.

The maximum capacity is 12 cups. This is a very big disadvantage especially in big parties.


Considering all the facts mentioned, purchasing the Cuisinart Electric Percolator will be the best decision you will have made in your life time. You will also be able to receive a full customer support which is normally offered by the Cuisinart Corporation Foundation.

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