Things That Make You Love And Hate Presto Percolator 12 Cup

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Do the Presto stainless steel coffee maker reviews really tell the truth about these small kitchen appliances? Why leave it up to chance? It's time to sort fact from fiction and discover the absolute truth about one of the Presto coffee maker models. Here is an in-depth product review that uncovers every possible feature of the Presto Percolator 12 Cup. Let's find out just how well this brewing machine performs in an everyday setting.

Ah! The rich, hearty flavor of freshly brewed coffee. The taste and aroma of fresh coffee is something that millions of individuals savor each and every day. Naturally you want your brewing machine to be the best possible choice. It is certainly not an easy task to select just one of these appliances when there are hundreds of different units available.

You can't test-drive a coffee maker prior to purchase. The next best thing is to be able to study the special features, compare prices, research manufacturer brands. You can learn what customers think about the models that they have already purchased.

You will also be able to determine if those "bells and whistles" are really the extra features that you need. A consumer review can tell you exactly how well each of these small appliances has performed for other customers.

This is why it makes perfect sense to check out the customer coffee maker reviews before you buy any percolator for your own home or office.

We are now going to explore the Presto Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. This is the 12 cup coffee percolator that many consumers have been giving a high rating. Time to find out whether or not the high ratings and favorable reviews are appropriate.

At First Glance Presto Percolator 12 cup is Dressed To Impress

This lightweight percolator model is designed to attract immediate interest. The glossy shine and long-necked pouring spout all but shout your name in a bid for attention. The contrast of the black spout, base and handle are paired nicely with the silver sheen of the sturdy stainless exterior.

It is perhaps the familiarity of the shape that garners the most attention and comments. Those classic lines are certain to pique your interest. It is an homage to the peak years of popularity for the home percolators. The percolator viewing knob is the crown jewel for this coffee brewing product.

What You Must Look for when Purchasing Percolators

However one must remember that it is not just the outward appearance that counts. When you are considering purchasing a small counter top appliance for your home it is important to study and weigh a

  • Number of features.
  • Budget Constrictions
  • Product Weight
  • Ease of Use and Performance
  • Capacity (Cups)
  • Construction and Design

If purchasing a Presto model check out the stainless steel coffee maker reviews and pay close attention to the comments of present and prior users.

Positive Points Percolator Presto 12 Cup

  • Elegant lines 
  • Classic silhouette
  • Combination of modern and traditional design features
  • 120 V operation
  • Solid construction of all components results in durable, long-lasting product
  • Allows user to brew a cup of coffee per minute (up to 12 cups maximum at any given time)
  • Select as few as 2 cups of coffee when brewing
  • Maximum brewing capacity is 12 cups per cycle
  • Adds beauty to any table or kitchen counter
  • Spout designed for easy, drip-free pouring
  • Removable power cord
  • Easy to clean 
  • Simple to use & Full directions are included with purchase
  • Company product warranty (One year-Limited guarantee)
  • Can even use the filters designed for the drip-coffee makers Simple to use

Negative Product Points

  • Exterior shine can lose luster if cleaned with harsh cleansing products
  • Precise alignment of Perk Tube can sometimes be a bit tricky when reassembling the unit after cleaning
  • Does take longer to set up/prepare and brew coffee in comparison to popular drip coffee makers
  • Surface readily shows fingerprints, spilled liquid, etc.
  • Stainless components makes this unit slightly heavier than those models constructed with aluminum/plastic components
  • Only operates on standard 120 v electrical power
 Coffee brewing.

Best Highlights for Presto Percolator 12 Cup 

Many consumers find the retro chic appearance of these percolators to be very appealing. The styling is classic and elegant. Although there is a mid-20th century vibe to these particular coffee makers they can be very complimentary when added to the decor of any kitchen.

These stainless coffee pots are very affordable. You can purchase them for less than $80 in most instances.

It is convenient to have a detachable power cord. This allows the appliance to be moved about with ease. You can transition from kitchen counter to the dining room table or living room without worrying about having an electrical cord dangling about.

The signal light alerts you so that you can know the exact moment your coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

Versatility of being able to brew coffee for 1 person or a crowd is one of the single best features.

While some percolators are notoriously slow to heat and brew the coffee this machine completes the entire brewing process in just a matter of minutes. It is not quite as fast as a drip machine but the time difference is barely noticeable.

Many consumers prefer the percolating process over drip-brewing methods but they also want their coffee to be piping hot. The Presto 12 cup percolator delivers precision brewed coffee that is delivered at the perfect "hot" temperature.

This stainless steel coffee maker offers an added dash of convenience. All internal components, such as the filter basket and percolator connecting tube, can be placed in the dishwasher for quicker cleaning.

Tips to Remember for Better Brewed Coffee with a 12 Cup Stainless Presto Percolator

Using a disposable coffee filter will help you keep those unwanted coffee grounds out of the brewed liquid. You can adapt many of the standard filters for use in the Presto percolators. Just use a pair of kitchen shears to cut a small hole in the center of the filter to accommodate the percolator tube. Some people will even push the top of the tube through the filter to get it to fit properly.

If you thoroughly clean the interior of the percolator you may remove some of the coffee "seasoning". Each brewing cycle leaves a slight bit of residue along the interior surfaces of the coffee brewer. Removing all of the residue can actually create coffee that lacks some of the hearty flavors that some individuals prefer.

Brew coffee

Overall Assessment of the Presto 12 Cup Coffee Percolator

Consistently meets/exceeds the expected level of performance when used for beverage brewing purposes.

This Presto coffee maker can quickly prepare several cups of rich, flavorful Java. Although the rate of brewing is said to be a cup/minute it can take just a bit longer for the brewing process to be completed. Trading off a few seconds of time to receive, piping hot coffee is not a bad deal.

The gentle sound of the Presto percolator at work is soothing and relaxing. Unlike those drip coffee makers you can follow the brewing process just be listening with your ears. You almost don't need to check the signal light to discover when the coffee is ready for you be poured and savored.

Stainless steel components are built to last. All of the various Percolator parts that normally require frequent cleaning are constructed from this durable material. The internal filter basket and percolating tube are also able to be dis-assembled and placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Savoring it All

Now that you have had an in-depth look at this Presto product the final choice is yours to make. This Presto Percolator 12 cup has certainly earned high marks from customers. Its combination of fun, form and coffee brewing function makes it one that you should consider adding to your own home or office. According to most Presto Stainless Steel coffee maker reviews this particular model certainly lives up to its enviable reputation as a quality product.


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