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Discover the Simplicity of Making Coffee Using Different Kinds of Percolators

A warm cup of coffee in the morning is the perfect pick-me-up. In less than 10 minutes you can create the best blend of caffeine, sugar, flavor, and milk. Or maybe you like just a little bit of cream in your coffee. Or maybe you like your coffee deep, dark, and black. No matter how you enjoy it, you first need to make it.

There are many ways to make coffee using different kinds of percolators. You can use a Keurig machine and pop a packet in, you can make a large pot of coffee with a traditional coffee maker, or you can use a coffee percolator.

If you’ve never used a coffee percolator before, it can seem like a strange contraption. But once you learn how to make percolator coffee, you’ll never want to make it any other way. There are so many benefits to using a coffee percolator. You can create just one cup of coffee at a time or enough for a large group.

It all depends on the size of your percolator. You can even adjust the length of time the coffee steeps. Some people love the unique level of acidity and bitterness that the percolator creates.

You can take it with you on the go. A percolator is perfect for camping as well and many models can be used on campfires. Additionally, there are electric percolators to use at home and very large ones for events.

The Parts of a Percolator

All percolators have five basic parts. The percolator is also the coffee pot. Inside the pot, a stem, or long tube fits inside. The third part is the filter basket. This is the part that holds the coffee grounds. The stem fits on the bottom of the basket.

The fourth part is the cover for the filter basket. Last, there is a lid for the coffee pot. In a percolator, the lid typically has a glass bubble on the top so you can see it when it’s percolating.

Making Coffee Using Different Kinds of Percolators

Let’s get to the basics of how to make percolator coffee. The best coffee is always freshly ground coffee. This is true for making coffee in a percolator as well. So before you get started, ground up the coffee you need and set it in the percolator basket.

Put the basket cover and lid on and place it on high heat. Once it starts perking, i.e. you see the coffee and water spurting into the lid, turn the heat down.

The coffee is typically done when the water stops perking. Some people like to let the boiling water go over the coffee longer than others. Longer boiling will create higher acidity and more bitterness. Carefully remove the lid and the basket. Throw out the beans and rinse the basket. Serve the coffee. That’s how to make coffee with a percolator.

How Does a Coffee Percolator Work?

A coffee percolator works by forcing boiling water up through a hollow tube and into a perforated basket that contains ground coffee. As the water pours through it, the coffee goodness is extracted out of the beans, drains out of the basket, and is left in the pot. It leverages the natural rising of boiling water.

There are electric and non-electric percolators. The non-electric ones can be used on any heat source such as a stove or fire. Once the percolating cycle is done, carefully remove the lid and the basket with the coffee beans. Pour the coffee into a cup and make it to your liking.

How Long Should Coffee Perk

The length of time coffee perks determines how much flavor it has. The longer it perks, the more acidic and flavorful the end product will be. A typical stovetop percolator should go for about 5 minutes.

While an electric percolator will perk coffee for 7-10 minutes. It’s important that you don’t overfill the water or the coffee beans in the percolator. Add just the right amount for what you need.

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How To Use An Electric Percolator For Coffee

An electric percolator is very similar to a non-electric one. It’s important to remember though that you need to leave it unplugged until you put the water and coffee beans into it. To make coffee in an electric percolator, first ground the beans fresh. Then add the water to the coffee pot.

Put the coffee beans into the percolator basket on top of the stem, then add the cover and the lid to the percolator. Plugin the percolator. Watch the percolating action on top of the lid. Once the percolator is done it should stop the cycle automatically. That’s how to use percolator for coffee.

How To Use A Coffee Percolator For Camping

Camping is so much fun. It’s even better when you can still get a hot cup of coffee every morning. Since it’s nearly impossible to bring along a Keurig or a traditional coffee maker, a coffee percolator is the best solution.

You’ll want to get a model that can be put on an open flame, as fire is the usual heat source you’ll use while camping. Make sure your coffee percolator is clean. If you can, use fresh ground coffee, otherwise, any ground coffee will do.

Fill the pot with cool water, put the stem and the percolator basket in place. Add the beans to the percolator basket. Cover with the basket lid and the coffee percolator lid. Carefully set the percolator on an open flame.

Use a silicone oven mitt to protect your hands from the fire. Watch the lid of the percolator. Once you see the boiling start, remove from the hot part of the fire. Let the percolating stop before you open the lid. Carefully remove the basket and toss the coffee beans. Pour the coffee into a cup and add cream or sugar to taste.

Making Coffee Using Different Kinds of Percolators

How to use Farberware Coffee Percolator

People who love percolators really love them. The Farberware coffee percolator is a favorite as it’s easy-to-use and lasts a long time when it’s properly cared for. It’s also electric, so you can easily take it with you when you travel. Start by removing the basket and tube.

Fill the water to the desired height based on how many cups of coffee you plan to make. Put the tube and the basket back in the percolator.

Add the coffee beans to the brew strength you want. Place the lid on the basket and on the percolator. Plugin the percolator. The Farberware coffee percolator stops when the coffee is ready to drink. Use an oven mitt to remove the basket and tube. Then pour the coffee into a cup. Enjoy!

How to use an old fashioned Coffee Percolator

Coffee percolators have been around for a long time. Stovetop percolators are great for making coffee for large groups of people. First, decide how much coffee you need. Grind a tablespoon for each 8 oz cup you plan to make.

You need to make sure you have coarse ground beans. If you don’t the grounds will be able to get through the basket and you’ll have coffee grounds in your coffee.

Add water to the coffee pot. Then put the basket and tube back in. Add the grounds to the basket and put the percolator lid on. Then put the lid on the percolator.

Put the pot on high heat and bring it to aboil. You’ll know it’s boiling when you see the water splashing up on the glass part of the lid. Reduce the heat and let the bowling finish. Remove from heat. Carefully remove the basket with coffee grounds, Pour the coffee into a cup and add your favorite things to make the perfect cup of coffee.

An old-fashioned percolator coffee pot is simple to use. They can go on a stovetop, on a wood-burning stove, and even on a campfire. They are easy to take with you wherever you go.

How to use an old-fashioned Electric Percolator Coffee Pot

These were the kitchen gadget to have in the early 1970’s. Any good housewife knew how to make coffee in the percolator. And the old-fashioned electric percolator coffee pot was an essential item.

The most important thing is to keep it unplugged until you’re ready to let the coffee percolate. First, grind the coffee beans or use pre-ground beans if you don’t have a grinder.

Next, remove the tube and percolator basket. Fill the electric percolator coffee pot with the right amount of water. Then put the tube and basket back into the percolator. Next, add the coffee grounds to the basket. Close the basket lid and the lid to the percolator. Next plugin the unit. It should start on its own.

Some models require you to push a button. Allow the percolator to run until it’s finished. Unplug the unit. Carefully open the lid and remove the basket. It will be hot, so it’s best to use a potholder.

Pour the coffee from the coffee pot into a mug or travel mug. Add cream, sugar, and flavoring just the way you like it. And enjoy!

How to use a French Coffee Percolator

French coffee percolators are also known as the French Press. They work differently than a percolator. They extract the coffee by pressingmotion. First, boil some water. Then, remove the handle and the pressfrom the French Press. Next, add enough ground beans for your coffeeat the bottom. Then add boiling water. Let steep for 3-5 minutesdepending on how strong you want the flavor.

Place the press back in the container and slowly push down. Pour the coffee out of the press into a mug and add cream, sugar, or your favoriteflavoring.

The great thing about the French Press is you can easily brew a very strong cup of coffee. On the downside, it doesn’t make a lot of servings. So if you need something for a large group, you’re better off with a coffee percolator.

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Use Coffee Percolator for Tea

While we have spent a lot of time talking about making coffee in a percolator, did you know you can also use it to make tea? First, fill the pot up to the 8-cup line. Next, line the basket with a filter if you’re using loose tea leaves and add 3 TBSP of your favorite tea. Alternately, add 3 tea bags if you don’t have loose tea.

Put the stem and the basket in the percolator. Add the basket lid and close the pot lid. Plugin the electric percolator or turn on the heat for a non-electric one. Let the tea steep until the percolator cycle is complete. Take out the basket and throw away the tea and filter. Serve the tea. Put the lid back on to keep the tea hot until you want another cup.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, coffee percolators are very easy to use and can make coffee for many people. It creates a strong cup of coffee with a depth of flavor that is difficult to get with a Keurig or traditional coffee pot.

It’s important to clean your percolator between each use to extend the longevity and keep it from developing strange flavors. It’s also important that you use caution to remove the percolator basket after the percolating is done. It’s easy to burn yourself if you’re not careful.

Coffee percolators have been around since the 1700’s. The first patent in the USA was granted in the 1800’s, and they stayed very popular until the 1970’s when the first drip coffee pots were introduced. They have since decreased in popularity. But many people still enjoy the strong flavors of percolated coffee.

The best coffee is always freshly ground. And with a coffee percolator, it’s important to use coarse grounds so the bits don’t end up in the final product. If you don’t have a coffee grinder, pre-ground beans are perfectly fine to use as well. No matter what, you’ll enjoy a unique coffee experience when you use a coffee percolator.

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