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6 Ways of How to Make Coffee Syrups at Home

Coffee syrups are one of the best drinks that you can have to relax your mind. If you ever feel low, coffee syrups will always boost your thinking and help you relax. 

A cup of coffee also makes your day grateful due to the ingredient they contain. Making your coffee syrup is the best thing you can do to get the best and high quality coffee. Most of the coffee vendors usually don’t measure the ingredients as required, thereby giving you low-quality coffee.

You may find that they add a lot of water so they can save on the cost of production. Also, the coffee syrups might have stayed for long hence they are not fresh. Knowing how to make your coffee is one of the crucial things that you can be proud of. You will thereby be making your coffee at home that is rich in ingredients. However, how to make coffee syrups can be difficult but do not worry, I will give you ways on how you will start making homemade coffee.

coffee syrups to make at home

You do not need much effort to start, you only need to get prepared with the ingredients, and you will have your coffee in a very few minutes. How to make coffee syrups depend on the amount of coffee that you need. You may want to make coffee for your entire family; hence the amount of ingredient will always differ.

Another thing you will consider is the type of coffee syrup that you are interested in making. Get the required syrup ready to make your coffee. In this article, I will give you the necessary steps if you want to make about 2 cups of coffee syrup. If you are longing for more, you only need to adjust the amount of your ingredients, and you will still make high quality coffee.

How To Make Coffee Syrups And What Are Its Common Types

To make a coffee syrup ,you need to understand various types of syrup that will eventually be essential in your body.

Mocha Syrup

Mocha is one of the best ingredients that you can use to make a syrup. It is the best in everything that you may think of. It is also effortless to make and has a lot of ingredients that ensure that you have the energy once you drink. To make this kind of syrup, you will need coffee and cocoa powder. This will give you the best mocha syrup when mixed in the right amount.

Vanilla Bean Syrup

Vanilla bean syrup is one of the best syrup that you can have. It gets its flavor from oil byproduct, which is essentially very sweat. In the market, you can buy the real vanilla beans since they are the one rich in the ingredients you need in the body, they are more authentic to the flavor and also are fresh.

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When making the coffee, you need to ensure that you do not remove the vanilla particles that remain once you are done with stirring in the last step. The particles will improve the flavor of your coffee.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar

As the name suggests, this type of syrup is made up of brown sugar particles and cinnamon sticks. It is the best drink that you can make during the winter nights, and it will necessarily give you the most energy that you require so as to stay healthy and focused on what you are doing.

 It is exceedingly nice when you serve your cinnamon brown sugar syrup with a bit of steamed milk. You should ensure that you remove the cinnamon sticks after three hours to ensure that you have a nice taste. Enjoy your drink while outside for great experience.

Lavender Syrup

Is it summertime where you are? Are you in the cold or you work at night? If yes, this is your great ingredient to enjoy the coffee. The lavender syrup is made from the fresh lavender buds and is best during cold seasons.

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Torani Syrup Lavender, 750ml

 You should ensure that you get sweet lavender syrup from the market so that you will enjoy your coffee that will be radically fresh. When you finish boiling, you need to ensure that you steep for like four hours and then remove the lavender buds to have the best taste.

Peppermint Syrup

Peppermint is another excellent syrup that you can try. It is made from fresh peppermint leaves. You should be careful with this kind of syrup as you may find that if you use a bruise leaves, your syrup will be bitter, and you will not enjoy it.

You will regret purchasing the syrup and even hate drinking coffee syrups. To prevent this, follow the steps in making the coffee and ensure that you get the fresh leaves in the town that will always not disappoint.

On this kind of syrup, ensure that you steep for about 30 minutes before you remove the leaves. You will notice that the coffee is so sweated when the leaves are fresh.

Ingredients Required To Make 2 Cups Of Syrup

  1. 1. 2 cup of water
  2. 2. 2 cups of sugar
  3. 3. Four teaspoons of syrup (here, it will depend with the kind of syrup that you are longing to make. The amount may vary)

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Step By Step Guide On How To Make Coffee Syrups And The Preparation

To make your coffee syrup easily in less time, you need to ensure you follow the following steps one by one to have quality coffee.

Step 1: Pour the water and sugar into a pan and place it in a source of fire to boil.

The first step to making your coffee syrup is to measure the amount of water depending on the amount of coffee that you want. Then take the amount of sugar that you need and also add it. With a source of fire that has a suitable temperature, place your mixture and bring it to boil.

You need to ensure that you stir the mixture gentry so that you will have one of the best mixes. In this step, you only require to take 3 to 5 minutes, and your mix will have boiled to the required degrees. Reduce the source of fire as your mix boil and ensure you keep stirring.

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Step 2: Simmer your liquid for about 15 minutes.

Once you boil the liquid, you need to ensure that you reduce the source of fire to low degrees. Ensure that you heat below the boiling point. By this, your liquid will be bubbling gently for about 15 minutes. Keep stirring every three minutes to give your mixture a good look.

Step 3: Stand to cool.

After simmering the liquid, you need now to give it some time to cool. You need to put off your source of power to give your mixture time to cool. Take about five minutes before you can move to the next step. The cooling will eventually allow the water molecules to evaporate, thereby being left with the best mix of your coffee ingredient. Cooling will significantly help to lower the temperature of the mix.

Step 4: Now add your syrup

In this step, it will depend on the amount of coffee that you want to make. If for instant, you want to make an orange cream syrup, you will need to have one teaspoon orange extract, one teaspoon vanilla extract, a quarter cup of maple syrup, and three tablespoons of heavy whipping cream.

All this will make you the best orange cream syrup. You need to add your syrup to the boiled liquid and ensure that you do not put anything into excess as it will give you a horrible taste that you will not like.After adding the syrup, now you need to stir your coffee to give you the best taste. You should stir for about 3 to 5 minutes to ensure that it sticks together and change the colour of the initial liquid.

Step 5: Pour your mix into a container.

Having added the syrup and stirred gently, you need to transfer your liquid from the pan to another container or a jug. The coffee is ready for serving since it meets the required ingredients and is still fresh. You will notice that depending on your amount of coffee, it is not too thick; hence it is suitable to drink anytime that you wish to drink easily.

how to make flavored coffee syrups

Step 6: Repeat the procedure for another type of coffee syrup

You may be having a family diner, and everyone in your family takes a different kind of coffee syrup. To ensure you meet everyone’s requirements, you need to make a coffee syrup to suit their need. Now you need to repeat from step one, as we mentioned.

The only difference will come now at step four, whereby you will have to use different kinds of syrup that your family member wants. If, for instance, they need vanilla syrup, you will only take two teaspoons vanilla extract to make one cup of coffee syrup.

 After stirring, you will notice that they are different in color, and also, if you taste, they have different tastes. You can make as many types of syrup as you want as long as you understand the steps clearly, and it will be easier for you. 

 Step 7: Now serve your coffee syrup

After making the coffee, now it’s time to serve your coffee. Ensure that you serve it when it is still hot for a better taste and to enjoy it better. It is recommended that you drink at least a cup of your coffee per day to ensure that it doesn’t have an effect on your body. 

homemade coffee syrups

Things you should avoid putting in your coffee syrups

Coffee, in most cases, is very good for your health, but at some points, you may add some ingredients that will affect your health. You should avoid adding these ingredients in your coffee, and I am sure you will always enjoy it the way it is natural and fresh.

• Flavored syrups

With your natural syrups, you are always guaranteed that it has all the necessary ingredients that are needed so that it will be beneficial and help you feel relaxed. Adding any other kind of flavor in your syrup make you experience some headaches for taking too much sugar and caffeine. It is generally not good for your health more so if you have any type of diabetes or blood sugar cases in the past years.

• Whipped cream

Whipped cream is one of the worst things that you should not add to your coffee. This kind of cream usually does not have added nutrients in it; hence will not be of any health benefits to you.

It will only be sweet but will have side effects on your body due to the nitrous oxide that is contained in it. Treat yourself by ensuring you only consume fresh syrups that are homemade with no any kind of oil such as that contained in the whipped cream.

• Skim milk

In our steps on making coffee syrups, we mentioned that you should add some milk to your syrup in some of the coffee to give it a good taste. You need to know the kind of milk that you will add use in your syrup. For instance, the whole milk is better and healthier for your body; hence it is the most recommendable.

Skim milk has very high sugar content and fat in it. Once you add it, you increase the amount of sugar intake in your body that will eventually be harmful to your health in future. The sugar level in it can easily contribute to obesity, and also the fats may lead you to become overweight.

what is best coffee syrup

• Splenda

Splenda is one of the substances that are very rich in sugar content. It has not yet been identified the impact it can have in your body once you consume it, but it’s not good for your health. When making syrups, you will need sugar, so when you add Splenda, that means that you are doubling the amount of sugar in your syrup.

It is always good to stay safe from any kind of ingredient that will probably have impacts in the future. These kinds of substances will only increase your weight and expose you to other kinds of diseases. Take care of your health for the sake of tomorrow.

• Nondairy cream

Nondairy cream is also one of the creams that you should avoid by all means while you are making your coffee. The cream is made of some hydrogenated vegetable oils that are said to contain a lot of oil.

You understand the dangers of a lot fat in your body, such as raising your cholesterol level. It is also made of sugar in large quantities that are mostly not good for your health. Avoid this cream and enjoy your coffee in a good fleshy state.

• High amount of sugar

Sugar is one of the ingredients that you require to make a tasty and lovely coffee to enjoy. Without sugar, your coffee syrups will generally be a waste as it will have a bitter taste, and you will eventually hate taking coffee.

Taking the right amount of regular sugar is healthy and will not have any impact more so if you have never had any sugar-related problem. Take the suggested amount of sugar to ensure you consume the sugar as required. Also, know the kind of syrup you are making since some syrups have sugar content.

For example, the cinnamon syrup has a natural sweetness that does not need too much sugar to have an impact on your body.

Why you need to take coffee syrups daily

The best thing I like about coffee is that it has a good refresher for your memory before you can go for work. Taking a cup of coffee daily before you set to work will boost your mood.

It will relax your mind and help you to concentrate on your work. Coffee also helps to reduce type 2 diabetes that affects most people in the society. Another thing is that coffee syrup will help reduce depression and suicidal risk as it will make you concentrate on serious issues because they refresh your mind.

 Taking coffee has vast health benefits; hence you should consider taking a cup of coffee syrup daily especially in the morning.

Final thought

Coffee is one of the best drinks you should be consuming. Making it at your home will give you not only a better taste but also a fresh drink. The steps to follow are always the same for any kind of syrup, and you need to ensure that you consider step four so you do not confuse and make something that will not amaze you.

I assure you that you will always love homemade coffee due to the taste and freshness of the coffee. Get the fresh syrups from the market that have not stayed for an extended period so that you will not have a bitter taste.

Before you serve your coffee, you need to taste it so that you know if it gives the best feeling that is expected from a cup of coffee.

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