Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee

12 Things To Know About Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee Difference

Coffee has become one of the most enjoyable drinks over the years. It has become so popular among very many people. Nevertheless, what people do not get is that there are varieties of coffee beans.

The reason is that all these beans look similar after being roasted. Nevertheless, there are more than a dozen types of coffee. The two major coffee beans that are meant for drinking are Arabica and Robusta.

These are the two majorly cultivated coffees for drinking. The big question is which one is the best. This article will highlight about Arabica Vs Robusta coffee difference and you will get to know the best coffee type. This information will be beneficial to you when choosing your coffee type.

What is Coffee Arabica?

Arabica is a variety of coffee. The name comes from Arabic. This variety of coffee features complex acidity and therefore brings more variation in terms of the taste it produces. It is one of the most preferred types of coffee in the world. Arabica coffee tends to be more expensive compared to Robusta coffee.

What is Coffee Robusta?

Robusta is a variety of coffee that is the second popular. It is a variety of coffee that has low acidity and has a bitter taste. It is majorly used for instant coffee. It costs less than Arabica coffee, as it is easier to look after during the cultivation process and highlights more resilience against diseases and unfavorable weather conditions.

Arabica Coffee Types

Arabica has been divided into two varieties. These varieties are the bourbon and typical. These two varieties are the major varieties of Arabica coffee variety.

Robusta and Arabica mix

This is a mixture of Arabica coffee and Robusta. It is one of the tastiest coffee drinks. This is because of the blend of the two coffee varieties with each having its benefits.

Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee Difference

 Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee Difference You Should Know

1. Taste Ta

Arabica is known to have a very sweet taste. This fruity taste is most preferred by most people. Robusta is known to have a woody taste. This coffee variety has a bitter taste also. These two varieties do vary greatly in taste.

 Robusta has been termed as a coffee variety that tastes like burnt tires of rubber. This might not be true but it just communicates the difference in taste between the two varieties. The taste is due to the difference in caffeine contents of these two varieties.

2. Sugar and lipids content

Arabia is known to have the highest lipid content. It has about 60 percent of lipids. This is twice the concentration of robust arts sugar. This is also known to have a difference in the taste between these two varieties.

3. Caffeine levels

Arabica is known to have about 1.5 caffeine content. This is different from the content that Robusta has. Robusta is known to have about 2.7 percent of caffeine. This affects the taste of the two varieties. The caffeine levels also make the Robusta type suitable for some type of people. Since Robusta has higher caffeine levels, it has a bitter taste. This is what most people are not fond of this variety.

4. Shape

When the beans are not yet crushed, there is a difference between the shapes of these two varieties. Arabica beans are a bit flat and elongated – more of an oval shape and larger with a more pronounced centre crease. Robusta beans, on the other hand are round, a bit shorter and have a less pronounced centre crease. The shapes can give you the difference between these two varieties just at a glance.

5. Quality

Arabica has been known to be of high quality. This is when it is compared to Robusta. But this does not mean that Robusta is a low quality coffee variety. Remember that these two varieties are some of the most preferred coffee varieties. Arabica coffee will have an upper hand than Robusta. This can tell why it is the most preferred type of coffee.

6. Production Per Acre

Arabica and Robusta are known to have different production per acre. Robusta produces more yields than Arabica when they are compared. If you have Arabica coffee in an acre there is a chance of harvesting 2000 to 3000 kilograms of these beans in a year.

This is after taking good care of the plant. If you have Robusta coffee, there is a possibility of harvest about 8000 kilograms of coffee beans per acre. This is because the Robusta variety yields very well and is very resistant to pests and diseases.

Arabica Vs Robusta Difference You Should Know

7. Where They Are Grown

Arabic is majorly grown in Latin American countries. It is also grown in some African countries. The total world production of Arabica is more than 60 percent. Robusta has grown in some Latin countries also. It is also grown in some parts of Africa. There are other places that these two varieties are produced but on a small scale.

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8. Plant Height

Arabica is not a tall breed. It grows to a height of about 2.5 to 4.5 meters. Robusta is different from Arabica. Its plant height is about 4.5 to 6.5 meters

9. Acidic Content

Arabica is a type of coffee variety that has high acidic content. This is very different from that of Robusta. Though Arabica is tastier than Robusta its acidic levels are higher. You do not have to get worried about these acids. The reason is that the acids found in coffee are good.

This implies that the higher the acidic levels of the coffee the better the coffee. It also has an impact on the taste of this coffee. This is the reason why Arabica is better than Robusta.

10. Price

These two coffee varieties do differ when it comes to price. When we take a look at the green beans of Arabica and green beans of Robusta, the two vary greatly. The green beans of Arabica cost twice the price of green beans of Robusta. This is due to demand.

This also brings a difference in the finished products. Arabica is more expensive than Robusta. The price difference is also based on production costs. Arabica is known to have a higher production cost than Robusta. This will have an impact on the final price of the two varieties.

what is arabica coffee bean


Arabica is the most produced coffee variety. It gives a total of 75 percent of the world’s coffee production. On the other hand, Robusta contributes to 25 percent of the total production. Robusta offers less labor.

This is because this is a variety that is disease resistant and it is not affected by insects greatly. Arabica can be termed as a fragile variety. This is a variety that one must have a close look at it. It is a variety that is affected by diseases greatly. If not well taken care of the yield might be affected at the final stages.

You might even end up getting nothing from the farm. The labor that is required during the production of these two varieties does vary. This is similar to the yields that the two varieties produce.

12. Growth

The best quality of Arabica coffee is always grown in high altitude places. This is a perfect condition for the growth of Arabica. Robusta can do well in lowland levels also. Higher altitudes are known to produce high quality.

There is a difference in the heights of these two varieties that also brings in the difference in yields. The time taken by these two varieties to be harvested is not different. The height of the plant is what distinguishes the two varieties while still on the farm.

Benefits of Arabica Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. This has made some scientists do deeper research on this drink. It has been known to have a significant number of benefits to one’s health. This is why most people prefer Arabica coffee.

It improves energy levels and makes you smart

Coffee is known to be a stimulant in nature. This means coffee can make you feel a bit better if you were tired. The caffeine that is found in coffee will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

 This caffeine will be taken further to the brain. In the brain, this caffeine will block inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. This will make other neurotransmitters increase therefore causing enhanced neurons firing. It will make your brain be in good condition hence it enhances mental health.

Other research done shows that coffee has a way of increasing the energy levels in the body. This is due to its stimulating factor. This makes the body works at its optimum energy levels.

Good in burning fat

If you look at any fat-burning ingredients made for commercial purposes then you will never miss caffeine in any of these products. This is because caffeine is good for burning fats.

This is made possible because caffeine is known to boost the metabolic rate by a rate of 3 to 11 percent. With an increase in metabolic rate, then it simply means there is an increase in the brake down of fats. This makes caffeine a very important element for this purpose.

Since coffee has naturally occurring caffeine in them, then this is the perfect drink for fat burning. Furthermore, taking coffee before meals also aid in food digestion. If you wanted to lose weight then this is the perfect drink for you.

Can improve your physical performance

Caffeine is known to improve the functionality of the brain. It, therefore, makes the cells to break down fat in a great ratio. Caffeine also improves the adrenaline levels in the body. This hormone prepares your body for an intense physical body extension.

The broken fats will also provide the body with fatty acids that will act as fuel. All this will make your body physical performance increase by about 11 to 12 percent at average levels. This means it is not a bad idea of taking coffee in less than an hour before you proceed to the gym.

It has some important nutrients

Taking a single cup of coffee daily is the same as adding some important nutrients to your body. This is beneficial for the proper functioning of your body. The nutrients found in a cup of coffee are vitamin B2, vitamin B5, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and even vitamin B3.

The more cups you take are the same as the more nutrients you add to your body. But this doesn’t mean that you should take lots of cups of coffee to get these nutrients. Even a cup of coffee is suitable for you.

It can help to fight depression

Depression is a very serious mental disorder. This can lead to a reduced quality of life. More people have gotten to a very serious depression that requires clinical attention. Coffee has been found to reduce depression. Taking four cups or more in a day can help you stay safe from depression.

 This makes coffee very effective if you want to stay safe from depression. Coffee is known to make people happy hence it will enable you to be in the great shape of avoiding depression.

It may lower the risks of some cancers

Cancer is known to be one of the killer diseases in the world. It has posed risk to very many people. This is a disease that is caused by uncontrolled cell growth. Coffee is known to protect people against two types of cancer these are the liver and colorectal cancer.

Research shows that coffee can reduce the risks by up to 40 percent. This makes coffee a very important drink that can aid you. Liver cancer is known to be the fourth cancer infections with more number of deaths recorded. Coffee can help you in lowering the risks of cancer.


Arabica coffee beans and Robusta are the two major coffee brands that are very popular. When we compare the two varieties, Arabica is the best coffee brand. This is because Arabica is tastier than Robusta. Arabica is known to have a caffeine content of 1.5 prevent while Robusta has 2.7 percent which is almost double if Arabica. Since most people love coffee due to the flavor that it has, this makes Arabica take the lead than Robusta. 

The reason is that Robusta is a bit bitter due to the high caffeine content. This makes it disliked by most people. When we look at the favor notes, these two species vary greatly Arabica has a floral and some fruit notes. This makes it one of the best when we look at the flavor notes. On the other side, Robusta has a Woody taste that is a bit bitter.

This is the reason why people select Arabica more than Robusta. Arabica has a high acidity level that that of Robusta. The acidity levels also have an impact on the taste of these two varieties. When we look at the taste, Arabica is known to have a sweet taste. In terms of caffeine levels, Robusta is stronger than Arabica but when all aspects are considered then Arabica is a stronger variety.

Robusta is a variety that has an earthy and bitter taste. It has a rubber grain-like taste and has an after taste that is termed as peanut. The high caffeine content and the low sugar levels contribute the taste. This makes it has a bitter taste since caffeine is always a bitter substance in nature. This variety has a harsh taste and stronger. This makes it less popular due to its taste.

Arabica is the best variety of coffee found in the world market. This is the reason why this variety is used by more than 60 percent of the coffee lovers. Coffee shops and café has invested more in Arabica than Robusta. This is because Arabica is better than Robusta in nature. It is one of the best-known coffee varieties known. Its look in the cup is even the best. This is what people do love about this variety. In terms of taste, it is one of the sweetest varieties in the coffee family. Arabica is the best coffee variety. I would prefer a mix of Arabica and Robusta since it is tastier.

Arabica is one of the tastier coffee varieties. The taste and its health benefits have made it so popular among the coffee drinkers. Furthermore, Arabica is known to have great quality when compared to other coffee varieties. Who wouldn’t want to have a tastier cup of coffee? Arabica has more health benefits than other coffee varieties. Most people love this. It is one of the coffee varieties that are pleasant while on the cup. This has given it to be the most popular variety.

It has more than 60 percent of people who use this variety of coffee. Its caffeine levels are also very low. This will not bring the side effects that caffeine is known to cause. This makes it a very suitable brand among most people. It is also a sweet brand, unlike some varieties that have a bitter taste.

These are some of the best brands of Arabica coffee. It includes Life boost medium roast. This is the best Arabica coffee brand. It has a very high quality that has gained a lot of popularity among coffee users. We also have volcanic coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It is known to be the coffee bread also. Other to brands are the Kirkland signature fine grind decaf Arabica coffee, Don Francisco’s Kona blend, Amazon fresh whole bean, and café don Pablo gourmet coffee. These are some of the best Arabica coffee brands that have gained a lot of interest from most people.

Final Thoughts

Coffee has been known due to its very many health importance but not all coffee varieties are good. The article above has highlighted some of the best coffee varieties and it is their differences. This information is very important for you in selecting what type of coffee variety you will want.

In general, if you need to choose Arabica vs Robusta coffee difference, I think Arabica is the best coffee varieties. It has very many health benefits and has gained a lot of popularity. It is one of the greatest coffee varieties to use. If you are looking for the best coffee then Arabica is all you will need.

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