15 Most Popular Types of Coffee and How to Make It

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Coffee is a beverage loved by many people worldwide due to its flexibility in preparation, taste and health benefits.

One of the most popular types of coffee that many people use at home is Espresso.

But beyond Espresso, it's surprsing that few people know other types of coffee and their preparation process.

Now, if you have questions about the different kinds of coffee or how to make it, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, you will discover the 15 most popular types of coffee you must try and how to make it.

Read on to discover more types of coffee flavors!

Most Popular Types of Coffee You Must Try and How You Can Make It

1. Espresso

Espresso delivers the purest coffee experience one can ever get. This coffee beverage is made by forcing water that is almost boiling under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans.

This results in a brew that is much thicker than the coffee drinks made from other methods.

For most coffee lovers, Espresso has the strongest coffee flavor one can ever have, and it’s probably the darkest.

Espresso is a common base for various coffee drinks.

If you learn how to make an espresso, you will be halfway through learning how to prepare other coffee kinds like café latte, long black, and Cappuccino.

Things To Prepare

To make the espresso kind coffee, you will need these things:

· Espresso machine

· Grinder

· Portafilter

· Tamper

· Gram scale

· Shot glass


Once you have the requirements in place, you can use these instructions to make Espresso:

· Fill the espresso machine’s reservoir with cold, filtered water. The water should not be too hard nor too soft. Avoid using distilled water as it could damage your boiler.

· Switch the espresso machine on heat and heat it up in about 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the machine.

· If your Espresso heats up to brewing temperature, wait a little longer until the machine feels warm.

· Position a portafilter in the group head and run the espresso machine for just a few seconds.

· This will bring water to the front and heat up the machine’s part close to your coffee. Wipe the portafilter’s inside and underside of the group head.

· Grind a few coffee beans and remove all the stale grounds from your grinder. Then take about 20 grams of freshly ground coffee and put them in the portafilter.

· Tamp and apply even pressure, using your fingertips to feel the edge of the basket.

· Return the portafilter in the group head and begin brewing. In cases where the espresso machine has a pre-brew or pre-infusion stage, complete the step first.

· Start infusion and end brewing to obtain 2 ounces or about 30 grams of your Espresso. You will find that it is a thicker coffee with a foamy layer on top.

One of most popular types of Coffee - Espresso

2. Caffè Americano

While many espresso-based drinks use milk, the Café Americano does not use milk. It is infused with hot water in place of milk.

Café Americano has the same strength of drip coffee but now with a different and intense flavor.

This type of coffee is the best for regular consumption since it’s less concentrated, yet amazing. It’s simply black coffee.

It has been said that the American soldiers made the Café Americano to make their beverages last a bit longer.

American baristas then adopted café Americano after the war. It is one of the easiest coffee drinks to make at home.


If you want to make Café Americano, all you need is Espresso and hot water. You can then follow these four steps:

· Get your latte or coffee mug ready.

· Put a 3ounce-shot of Espresso into a separate glass.

· Pour 3ounces of hot water into your mug.

· Add the espresso shot into the mug.

Your warm Café Americano is now ready to drink!

3. Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a cocktail made of hot coffee, sugar, thick cream, and Irish whiskey.

This beverage was invented and named by Joe Sheridan-Foynes, Country Limerick's head chef. This was after American passengers debarked one evening during the harsh winter of 1940.

The head chef added whiskey to warm the passengers, marking the origin of the Irish coffee.

Since the birth of Irish coffee, many people have been making this type of coffee at home to stay warm.

Irish coffee is mainly served as an after-dinner beverage. But you can also drink it anytime on its own, especially during cold autumn and winter nights

Things to Prepare

If you want to make the Irish coffee at the comfort of your home, you will need these things:

· 25ml Irish whiskey

· 1 teaspoon of brown raw cane sugar

· 1 full tablespoon of whipped pouring cream

· A hot double espresso


Then follow these simple instructions to make a sweet Irish coffee:

· Warm your coffee glass and the whiskey

· Add sugar to the whiskey and stir well to ensure that it is all dissolved.

· Add the hot Espresso and stir then stir the mixture well.

· Whip the cream and pour it over the back of a spoon on top of your cocktail.

And now you have your Irish coffee ready!

4. Café Cubano

The Café Cubano, also called Cuban coffee or Cuban Espresso, is a type of Espresso invented in Cuba. This was when espresso machines were first imported from Italy.

This espresso drink is sweetened after brewing and is used as a base for other common drinks.

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Café Cubano's strength is twice that of traditional American coffee. Interestingly, Cubans drink this strong espresso drink as part of their daily morning ritual.

There are different methods you can use to prepare Café Cuban. Here, we will discuss the method that brings out the best results.

Things To Prepare

To make this strong beverage, you will need various things:

· 5 tablespoons full of finely ground coffee

· A cup of water

· 4 to 6 teaspoons of sugar


Here are the instructions for making the Café Cubano:

· Add finely-ground coffee (if possible, from dark roasted coffee beans) to your espresso machine and then follow the instructions on your machine

· Add a teaspoon of sugar for every small cup of coffee to make it sweet. Then add the sugar to the carafe.

· Brew your coffee as you normally do while Making Espresso. Then pour the liquid into the sugary carafe and stir to dissolve all the sugar.

The most fascinating and unique thing about Café Cubano is its strong taste and dark look.

5. Café Latte

In this coffee drink, one-third is the Espresso, while two-third is steam milk, and is topped with a 1-centimeter layer of foam.

This kind of coffee is one of the most popular coffee beverages you will find around.

However, some people mistakenly identify this coffee as the flat white since they both use steamed milk and coffee.

Café latte differs from flat white as it is served with an added layer of foamed milk.

Besides, the café latte coffee drink is milkier and has a stronger coffee taste.

Things To Prepare

If you want to make your own café latte at home, you will require various things:

· Espresso (or any strongly brewed coffee)

· 2% or nonfat milk

· Cocoa powder for garnishing

· Spoon

· Jar with lid

· Wide and shallow coffee cup


Once you gather all the requirements, use these instructions to make a café latte:

· Make your Espresso or strongly brewed coffee

· Froth the non-fat milk by pouring it into a jar about to half-full. Secure the lid on tightly and shake the jar thoroughly for about 30 to 60 seconds.

· Microwave the milk while uncovered for 30 seconds. Allow the foam to rise to the top of the jar.

· Pour your Espresso into a wide, shallow cup. Then pour the microwaved milk into the Espresso using a large spoon to hold back the foam so you can add more milk.

· Spoon the milk foam onto the latte, as much as you like. Then garnish the latte's top with cocoa powder, and your coffee is ready to drink.

Latte coffee cup

6. Flat White

Flat white is an espresso-based drink with milk and a foam layer.

When drinking this coffee, it feels like thick Espresso, only that it's milky and more drinkable.

Most baristas also don't know the difference between latte and flat white. Latte seems more frothy, but flat white is more creamy.

Flat white is made with a higher proportion of coffee to milk. It originated in Australia.

The dominant flavor in flat white is the Espresso, unlike in latte, where milk dominates.

Things To Prepare

To make flat white at home, you will need these things;

· 18grams ground espresso

· 100ml milk

· A good cup or glass of about 150-200ml capacity


Then follow these instructions:

· Make around 35ml espresso with your coffee machine. Then pour it in your cup.

· Steam the milk with a steamer attachment to achieve a foam of around 1-2cm on the top.

· Pour the steamed milk steadily into the cup, while holding the jug about 3-4cm above the cup. But bring the jug closer as the volume within the cup increases.

If you pour the milk slowly as instructed, you will find that it creates a pattern on the top.

7. Long Black

Long black is an Australian or New Zealand coffee drink where you use hot water and Espresso.

This coffee is almost similar to Americano, only that the preparation procedure is inverse.

Thus, some people may not understand the difference between long black and Americano.

Nonetheless, long black is strong and has a creamy foam that tops the espresso shots.

When making long black, you will want to use a smaller volume of water to achieve a stronger taste.


If you want to make a long black at home, you will need two espresso shots and hot water. Then you can use these simple instructions;

· Prepare the Espresso using the coffee machine.

· Pour hot water (not too hot) on a glass of a coffee mug.

· Add the double shot on top of the water.

And that is it. You can now enjoy your coffee.

8. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink usually made with Espresso, hot milk, and topped with foamed milk.

This drink is often prepared with a milk steamer to achieve a thicker froth.

But if you don’t have a milk steamer, you should not worry because you can still make Cappuccino without it.

Things To Prepare

Here are the essential things you will need:

· Espresso

· Milk

· Whisk and a glass


Once you have the requirements in place, use these instructions to prepare your Cappuccino:

· Prepare the Espresso how you usually do

· Heat a half cup of milk using a microwave or stovetop until it's nearly boiling.

· Whip the milk to obtain a thick froth without any bubbles.

· Then swirl the milk in a glass, shrinking the foam together. If there are any bubbles, tap it on the counter to remove the big ones.

· Rinse and repeat until the foams look creamy without big bubbles.

· Pour the milk into the Espresso while swaying your wrist sideways. This will ensure that the foam comes out before the rest of the milk.


9. Frappuccino

This is a Starbucks specialty coffee that is prepared with other ingredients like whip cream and white ice.

Unlike other Starbucks coffee types, Frappuccino preparation recipes have changed so much over the years. Today, the preparation of Frappuccino has been customized to fit everyone's preference.

Things To Prepare

This is a great beverage that can be prepared easily at home with the right ingredients. The ingredients include;

· A cup of ice

· A half-cup of Espresso

· A half-cup of milk

· 2 tablespoons of sugar

· One or two tablespoons of syrup like mocha or chocolate


Then follow these 3 steps:

· Brew the coffee. If possible, you can buy whole grain coffee and grind it yourself.

· Allow the coffee to cool to room temperature naturally.

 Now add sugar, milk, and syrup into the blender and mix it for half a minute before adding ice.

10. Caramel Macchiato

The Caramel Macchiato is another classic Starbucks that can be prepared easily within five minutes. It is the best for quenching the thirst and entertaining your visitors.

You will need the following ingredients:

· 250 ml cold milk

· 20ml Caramel sauce

· 2 shots of Espresso

· A cup of large ice

· Vanilla syrup

Then you can follow these steps;

· Put Espresso, vanilla syrup, milk, and ice into a serving cup

· Blend the concoction until it's fine

· Put the caramel sauce on the top of it, and you are done

11. Café Mocha

The Café Mocha is based on espresso drinks but with hot milk and chocolate.

It is efficient to use an espresso machine while preparing this coffee. However, even if you don't have the machine, don't worry because below are steps to help you out.

Things To Prepare

You will want to have the following ingredients:

· 2/3 cup of mocha syrup of mocha powder

· 2 tablespoons of roasted coffee beans

· One or two cups of skimmed milk

· Whipped cream and coffee grinder


Here are the three steps for making café mocha:

· Prepare the coffee normally but time it to ensure that it is ready simultaneously as the mocha syrup.

· Heat the milk and then add the mocha powder into a larger cup or mug then add the skim milk. Stir the mixture until the powder dissolves

· Now add coffee into the mug and stir.

12. Vienna

Vienna is another strong and delicious coffee. It is made by mixing two strong Espresso shots and adding whipped cream as a sugar and milk substitute.

To prepare this drink, you will need whipped cream and two shots of strong Espresso.

All you have to do is prepare two shots of strong Espresso and then pour a fresh whipped cream on top of the espresso shots.

If you like flavors, you can dust some cocoa over the drink.

13. Dalgona

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many people are making different types of coffee drinks at home.

Thus, Dalgona drink has now emerged as one of the most popular types of coffee drink during this particular period.

You can easily prepare Dalgona by whipping up instant coffee with sugar and hot water into a creamy froth.

After whipping the mixture, you can add it to hot or milk and enjoy your coffee.

14. Affogato

Some people take an affogato drink as a beverage while others take it as a dessert, but this does not matter.

There are two ingredients used to make this drink, Espresso and Gelato(dessert).

You can prepare affogato in just five minutes with these steps:

· Chill your glass or coffee mug and ensure you have a good amount of gelato. But you can use very ice cream if you don’t have gelato.

· Make your Espresso just when you are about to serve to ensure that it’s hot and fresh.

· Use one ounce of fresh and hot Espresso for every gelato scoop to avoid drowning your ice cream.

15. Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee prides an unparalleled taste, body, and aroma. It is prepared and presented in the time-honored Turkish tradition.

While you won't easily find Turkish coffee in a coffee shop, you can make this type of coffee at home.

Turkish Coffee

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

You will need these things to get started:

· Turkish coffee

· Cold, filtered water

· Cezve, a special wide-bottom, copper pot

· Sugar

Here are the instructions for making the Turkish coffee:

· Use one and a half cups of water for every cup of coffee.

· Turkish coffee is finer than your regular ground coffee. So, it’s recommended you don’t grind it yourself. Instead, buy Turkish ground coffee in the Middle Eastern Supermarkets.

· Add a heaped teaspoon of ground coffee for every coffee cup. If you want to sweeten your coffee, add sugar, and then stir the mixture.

· Use medium heat to boil the mixture slowly. Keep an eye on the mixture since the heating process will take only 3 to 4 minutes.

· A dark foam will build up as the coffee warms. Use a teaspoon to transfer some of the dark some of the foam into the cup as it is usual to serve Turkish coffee with the foam on top.

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