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14 Interesting Instant Coffee Whipped Recipes Maybe You Did Not Know

If you have heard about the trending whipped coffee, you must be wondering what are the best instant coffee whipped recipes.

Instant whipped coffee has recently taken over the internet, from TikTok and Facebook to Instagram and YouTube.

This whipped coffee has become very popular because of a viral TikTok video. However, this doesn’t mean that instant whipped coffee never existed before.

Instant coffee whipped has been a staple drink in Southern Asia for quite a long time. It’s also known as Dalgona or beaten coffee.

The best thing about instant coffee whipped is that it’s easy to make. This instant coffee whipped drink has the same texture as a frothed latte that you usually drink from the coffee shop.

coffee on the paper

What’s more is that there are instant coffee whipped recipes that allow you to enjoy different flavors at home.

In this text, you will discover the various interesting instant coffee whipped recipes maybe you did not know and learn more amazing facts about whipped coffee. 

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How to Make Instant Coffee Whipped

To make instant whipped coffee, you need to whip together equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until the mixture becomes creamy.

Here are the ingredients:

  •  2 tablespoon instant coffee 2 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoon hot water
  • ¾ cup hot or iced milk
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (optional)
  •  ½ tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)


1. Gather the Ingredients

Before you get started, you need to ensure that you have all the required ingredients to avoid any stress while preparing your whipped coffee.

For an instant whipped coffee recipe, you require hot water, instant coffee, sugar, and milk.

2. Combine the Ingredients

Once you have everything needed, you need to combine the coffee, sugar, and hot water in a large bowl.

3. Whisk Until the Mixture Gets Frothy

After whisking the mixture for about two to five minutes with an electric mixer, you will obtain a creamy light brown whipped coffee.

The whipped coffee should look like whipped cream and also be thick and soft.

4. Add Your Flavoring

Add the flavoring you intend to use into the whipped coffee and whisk it for about 15 seconds.

5. Use a Spatula to Finish Mixing

Finish mixing your coffee with a spatula to ensure that the flavoring has been spread uniformly in the coffee.

Finish mixing your coffee with a spatula to ensure that the flavoring has been spread uniformly in the coffee.

6. Top the Whipped Coffee on Hot or Cold Milk

Whipped coffee works well with both hot and cold milk, so you are free to use it the way you prefer. You can heat ¾ cup of milk, then add the whipped coffee on top.

You can also serve the coffee with cold milk and a few ice cubes to enjoy a cold latte. If you don’t want dairy milk, you can use almond milk or oat milk.

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How to Make Coffee Whipped Cream Without Instant Coffee

Instant coffee works best for coffee whipped cream due to its ability to foam easily when dissolved in water. However, you can also use finely ground espresso if you don’t have instant coffee.

The espresso coffee is usually fine enough to make a very strong coffee brew.

To make coffee whipped cream without instant coffee, you need hot strongly brewed espresso, powdered sugar, and heavy cream.

Once you gather the ingredients, you need to freeze your bowl in the freezer for 15 minutes and ensure that it’s well-chilled before you start making the cream.

Freezing the bowl before brewing a thick whipped cream that has stiffer peaks with more stability.

Then mix your ingredients into the bowl and beat with an electric mixer for about five minutes until the ingredients form stiff peaks. The whipped cream should be scoopable with a spoon and maintain its shape.

If you don’t have an electric mixer, you can use a whisk to whip by hand. You can also use a milk frother, but you will have to be careful as it can create a mess in the entire kitchen.

Pair your coffee whipped cream with cupcakes, hot cocoa or coffee, pancakes, or cookies.

Then place the leftover cream in a container and store it in the refrigerator for up to three days.

How to Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee

While instant coffee makes the best whipped coffee, it’s not all the time you will have it on hand. After all, not many coffee lovers enjoy brewing coffee with instant coffee.

Thankfully, you can turn your regular coffee into a sweet liquid that has much coffee flavor for whipped coffee.

instant coffee whipped recipes

It’s incredibly easy to make coffee whipped without instant coffee. You just need to master the process and know all the ingredients needed.

The ingredients include:

  • Finely ground coffee beans
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Vanilla extract (preferred flavoring)

Here is how to make whipped coffee without instant coffee:

Step 1

Make a strong or very concentrated coffee brew in your regular coffee maker. If you have an espresso machine, you can use it to brew espresso for whipped coffee.

If you find that your coffee isn’t thick or strong enough, you can boil it into a pan to evaporate excess water.

Step 2

Pour your brewed coffee into a cup to filter out all the coffee grounds. To ensure that all the residue is removed, filter the coffee two or three times.

Step 3

While your brewed and filtered coffee is still hot, pour it into a glass or plastic bowl. Four to five tablespoons of brewed coffee will be okay to make two servings of whipped coffee.

Then add four tablespoons of sugar into the bowl and start whipping. You can use an electric mixer, milk frother, or whisk.

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Step 4

Continue whipping the ingredients until stiff peaks form. This will take about five minutes or even more if you are whipping by hand.

When you achieve a thick liquid, add your vanilla extract or any other flavoring you prefer into the mixture and continue whipping. Whip until all the flavoring dissolves.

Step 5

Pour some cold or hot milk into a glass, then use a spoon to top the whipped coffee on the milk and enjoy your whisked coffee.

Store the remaining whipped coffee in the fridge for later use. It will remain fresh and tasty for up to five days.

The whipped coffee without instant coffee may not be as thick as one made with instant coffee. However, the results in terms of taste are almost similar.

Instant Coffee Whipped Cream Vegan

Instant coffee is vegan as it doesn’t use any animal products. It goes through a lot of processing that doesn’t involve the use of animal products.

To make instant coffee whipped cream vegan, you need to use non-dairy products. Place your instant coffee in a bowl, then add sugar, hot water, and heavy vegan coffee creamer.

Use a mixer to gently whip the ingredients in the bowl for about 20 seconds until everything dissolves.

Then increase the mixer speed and whip faster for about three to four minutes to achieve a thick coffee cream.

The cream doesn’t have to be perfectly stiff and stable, but it should be soft, fluffy, and cloud-like.

You can use the cream on various things like cakes, fruits, pancakes, or cookies. You can also freeze it to make coffee ice cream.

Best Instant Coffee for Whipped Coffee

For coffee lovers, coffee instant coffee is not the best way to enjoy coffee. However, it does make the best whipped coffee that many people love.

There are different types of instant coffee, and not all are the best for making whipped coffee.

Here are the best instant coffees for whipped coffee:

  • Nescafe Rich Instant Coffee: Nescafe Rich instant coffee is your best bet when making whipped coffee. It gives a fluffy, creamy liquid.
  • Instant Espresso: Instant espresso is another excellent ingredient for whipped coffee. This powder makes slightly frothier, stickier whipped coffee that is also very delicious.
  • Four Sigmatic Instant Coffee: The four sigmatic instant coffee has a strong flavor and provides a consistent whip that doesn’t lose its texture quickly.
  • Decaf Instant Coffee: If you don’t want too much caffeine in your coffee, you can use the decaffeinated instant coffee. It shares similar health benefits with regular instant coffee and gives a perfect cream.
  • Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee: It’s remarkably easy to make whipped coffee with Starbucks VIA instant coffee. It usually whips well like the regular instant coffee. With this instant coffee, you will obtain a smooth and quality flavor.
  • Folgers Coffee Crystals: Folgers is one of the best instant coffee loved by many Americans who use instant coffee.  This instant coffee also froths easily and produces stiff and thick cream.

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4 Delicious Recipes Of Whipped Coffee

Best Instant Coffee Whipped Recipes

1. Vanilla Dalgona Coffee

This is an easy recipe that doesn’t take much extra effort. It uses additional ingredients, including a dash of salt and half a tablespoon of vanilla extract.

cold dalgon coffee in clear glasses on a dark wooden background. foam from sugar and instant coffee is whipped with a mixer over cold milk. Korean and Indian whipped coffee

2. Non-Dairy Coffee Whipped Cream

While it’s hard to achieve a stiffy and stabilized foam with coffee and water, you can make a magical coffee whipped cream with instant coffee.

All you have to do is ensure that you are working with pure instant coffee granules.

3. Instant Coffee Whipped with Honey and Almond Milk

Not everyone loves using granulated or powdered sugar as the sweeteners in their drinks. So, there is this recipe that substitutes sugar.

4. Lavender Latte with Whipped Coffee

This is another great recipe that uses edible lavender for making instant coffee whipped coffee at home.

5. Instant Whipped Coffee with Orange Flavor

Flavorings are essential when making whipped coffee as they usually dominate the taste and fragrances of the cream.

If you are a fan of orange, you can use orange juice as a flavor to your instant whipped coffee.

6. Whipped Coffee with Boba

Various coffee enthusiasts have gotten this idea of making whipped coffee with boba and honey. This recipe gives a very delicious cup of a caffeinated drink you can ever get.

7. Instant Coffee Whipped Caramel

Instant coffee caramel is one of the most delicious coffee drinks you can ever drink. For this recipe, non-dairy milk is your best bet.

The best thing about this recipe is that it uses things that are usually present in most kitchens. There is no extra budget.

8. Gula Melaka Instant Whipped Coffee

Give your coffee drinking pattern a local twist by replacing the sugar with gula Melaka to make a perfect coffee foam.

This recipe gives sweet instant coffee whipped cream with buttery, and smoky caramel tasting notes.

9. Whipped Coffee with Home-Made Instant Coffee

If you don’t have instant coffee at home and you want to make whipped coffee, you can use the regular coffee to make a strong coffee concentrate. You can make it as a strong espresso with fine coffee grounds.

10. Keto Dalgona Whipped Coffee

This is a keto-friendly version of whipped coffee, and it’s also very delicious. To make keto-Dalgona whipped coffee, you will need the following ingredients:


To make whipped coffee without instant coffee, you need finely ground coffee beans, water, a brewer, bowl, cold milk, electric mixer, and preferred flavoring.

If you don’t have an electric mixer, you can use a milk frother or whisk, though the process will take a little longer when whipping by hand.

Once you have the ingredients and gadgets ready, you can follow these steps to make whipped coffee without instant coffee:

·         Brew your coffee with an espresso to make strong espresso shots. Or, brew coffee with your regular brewer if you don’t have an espresso coffee maker, but be sure to use the double amount of coffee beans you usually use in your coffee maker.

·         Add sugar to your strongly brewed coffee. You can use two to four tablespoons of sugar, depending on the amount of whipped coffee you want to make.

·         Add four tablespoons of your brewed coffee into a bowl and add one tablespoon of sugar to ensure that the end product is sweet.

·         Use an electric mixer to mix coffee and sugar, and continue whipping until you achieve a creamy liquid. It will take about five minutes for the liquid to look almost like whipped cream.

·         When the whipped coffee gets smooth, thick, and ready, add your desired flavoring like Vanilla extract, cocoa powder, or caramel. Then continue whisking until all the flavoring powder has dissolved.

·         Add cold milk into a glass with some ice cubes or just hot milk, then top it with your whipped coffee and enjoy your delicious coffee drink.

No, you can’t use regular coffee for whipped coffee. This is because regular coffee doesn’t have a concentrated amount of coffee flavor in it and doesn’t froth easily.

It’s difficult to concentrate large amounts of coffee in the little water needed to make whipped coffee.

However, you can use a strong, hot coffee brew to make whipped coffee.

To make a strong cup of coffee for whipping, use the double amount of coffee beans you normally use when brewing regular coffee.

You can also brew the espresso coffee since it’s usually strong and can get creamy faster.

Once you are done brewing, pour some small amount of it, like about four tablespoons, into a bowl. Make sure that the coffee is still hot to get the best results.

Then add four tablespoons of sugar and start whipping immediately. If you have an electric mixer, it will be fast.

When you achieve a thick creamy liquid, add some ice cubes and milk in a glass and top it with your whipped coffee. You can also use hot milk instead of a cold one.

Your whipped coffee will be strong or weak, depending on how you brew your coffee. The espresso will deliver better results as it’s much stronger and has more coffee flavor concentration.

Generally, you need a very strong cup of coffee that has an almost similar coffee to water ratio to make whipped coffee. Otherwise, your whipped coffee won’t have any coffee flavor.

If you brew your coffee for whipping and find out that it’s not very strong or concentrated as you need it to be, you can boil the coffee in a pan to let excess water evaporate.

Then add about two or three tablespoons of sugar and stir as it boils. This will give you a syrupy, thick liquid that you now have to whisk.

You will realize that whipped coffee made with espresso or strongly brewed coffee is a bit lighter than instant coffee whipped.

Your instant coffee isn’t whipped because you probably used the wrong amount of ingredients or have whipped for a short period.

Using the wrong amount of ingredients can lead to a very light liquid that is unwhipped. You need to be careful when measuring the ingredients to ensure that you use equal ingredients.

If you use two tablespoons of instant coffee, you need to use the same amount of hot water and sugar. Otherwise, your instant coffee won’t whip.

Besides, you need to whip the mixture until it becomes frothy and thick. Whipping instant coffee takes about two to five minutes, depending on the device you are using to mix.

If you are whipping with a whisk by hand, it may take longer for the ingredients to form a creamy texture, so you will need to be patient.

The wrong choice of coffee is another main reason why your instant coffee isn’t whipped. The best type of coffee to use is pure instant coffee.

If you use other coffees like the 3-in-1 instant coffee, there are higher chances that your coffee won’t whip well. This is because the ingredients and the additives used to make this coffee interferes with air bubble formation.

Instant coffee is the best to use for whipped coffee as it froths easily than regular coffee.

It has the xanthan gum preservative that helps in stabilizing the coffee when whipped. It gives you a cloud-like, airy, frothy texture with a pale brown color.

This is the reason why the instant whipped coffee recipe doesn’t work well with regular coffee or finely ground coffee beans.

However, if you don’t have instant coffee and want to make whipped coffee, you can make a concentrated coffee brew and filter the coffee grounds out.

Then use your strong, concentrated coffee brew as a substitute for instant coffee and water. You will just add sugar and start whipping.

Another thing you need to know about instant coffee for making whipped coffee is that it can either be a punchline or a lifesaver. 

Some instant coffee brands taste better and froth easily than others, and they give a stiffer whip that won’t lose its texture quickly. So, you need to keep this in mind and go for high-quality instant coffees.

Instant espresso, regular instant coffee, Decaf instant coffee, and Starbucks VIA instant coffee are some of the best instant coffees to make whipped coffee.

Final Thoughts

While many real coffee drinkers rarely use instant coffee, this coffee comes in handy when it comes to making whipped coffee and coffee whipped creams.

Instant coffee froths easily when mixed with sugar and hot water, and there are endless recipes for making whipped coffee with instant coffee. 

The recipes provided in this text are among the most trending coffee drinks that many coffee enthusiasts enjoy today.

If you don’t have instant coffee and are craving a sweet whipped coffee, you can also brew strong coffee or espresso coffee as a substitute for the instant coffee. But you’ll need to be careful and follow the instructions given to ensure that the coffee whips.

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